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Use this page to manage States/Regions for added Countries.

Select country under "Country" drop down list to see the list of available states/regions of the selected country.

Use top actions menu to activate/deactivate/delete several selected states/regions.

Use actions button next to each state/region to edit/delete/deactivate/activate  them individually.

Adding States/Regions

Use "Add State/Region" button to add new states/regions to selected country.

Alternatively use Import States/Regions button to bulk import state/regions instead of adding them one by one.

Import can be done from excel file, where first column contains state/region code and second one state/region name.

Changing Countries order

If needed you can change the order of the States/Regions by clicking 'Change Order' button in the upper menu:

After you click this button you will get to the next page where you can drag and drop states/regions to the places you need:

Do not forget to click 'Save Order' button to save changes.


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