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Using the “YouTube” type field users can just specify the URL of their video posted on the web-site and then this video will be displayed on the Listing Details page. Thus users will not need to upload their video files to your server.

Note: According to the default software cofigurations “YouTube” type field is not added to the
listing types fields list. You can add field(s) of "YouTube" type yourself if needed.

On the edit forms “YouTube” type fields are displayed as input boxes where users need to enter/paste the appropriate URL.


And on the Display Listing page YouTube type is displayed as video player (the same way as uploaded files of video type):


To edit a ‘YouTube’ type field in the Admin Panel you need to click on the “Edit” icon opposite this particular field.
There will be the form opened where you can modify the ‘YouTube’ type field parameters and select/enter the default value to be set for this particular field.


Note: If a field you are editing is a User Profile field – you can enter the desired value to be set by default.

But if a field you are editing is a Listing field (like in the example above) – then you can either enter its default value or select one of the User Profile fields to be used as a default value.

Make sure to press the “Save” button to complete editing a field and save the changes. Use the "Apply" button to save changes and remain on the same page. 


Adding 'YouTube' field to User Profile

You can also add YouTube field to User Profile.

The YouTube video will be displayed on:

  • Company Profle page for Employers.
  • User Info block in resumes for Job Seekers.

Please note that YouTube field is not added to User Profile fields in SmartJobBoard by default.

After you have added YouTube field to User Profile fields you would also need to insert changes in corresponding templates in order a video is displayed correctly.

Do not worry, after adding of YouTube field you will get detailed instructions on what changes in what templates need to be done . For example:




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