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SmartJobBoard XML import function allows importing jobs and resume postings from other sources such as Indeed and SimplyHired.

To get to the XML Import page you need to go to Admin Panel > Listing Management > XML Import item. On the opened page you will see the existing XML Data Sources.

To add new data source you need to click on the "Add New Data Source" link.

You will be redirected to the “Create New Source” page. There you will see the edit box to paste the XML code and the following instruction highlighted with grey:

“Please paste XML code of one posting item from the source to be imported. For example”

If you click on this Instruction you will see the example of the code to paste displayed under it:

Below the Instruction you will see the drop-down list to select the type for importing listings:

And in the Edit box on the “Create New Source” page you need to specify one listing element.
You can use the example given above as a sample.

And then press the “Next” button under the edit box.

On the opened “Data Source Parameters” page you need to fill in all the fields:

  • Data Source Name  – enter the desired name for the new data source;
  • Data Source URL – copy and paste to this field the URL of the new Data Source;
  • Listing Type – this parameter was set by you during the previous step when you selected the type for the imported listings;
  • Listings will be created on behalf of – here you have two options to select from.
    1) “This user (enter username) – means that the imported listings will belong to the user who’s username you enter to the field located opposite this option. This username should belong to the existing in the system user;
    2) “User from XML data source (user will be imported automatically)” – if you select this option, users of these listings will be automatically imported. You will need to select the User Group from the drop-down list located opposite this option;
  • Post Under Product  –  select the product under which imported listings will be posted.
  • Description  –  here you need to enter the description of the New Data Source
  • Logo Options  –  here admin can choose whether he wants to import logo or not.
  • Expired Listings from XML Feed will be  –  if you select "Deleted" the listings that were and not present in the feed will be deleted from the system. This will be helpful to avoid duplicates. If "Left till expiration" option is selected the expired listings will remain in the system and will be left till their actual expiration.

After filling in the form fields you need to drag the fields from the left gray column and drop to the appropriate place in the right orange column. See the example on the picture below:

And to the “Default Value” column locate in the middle you can enter the values to be set as default ones for these fields if needed.

Under the fields columns you can see the Edit Box named “Custom Script”.
You can enter a script in PHP to that edit box. This script will be executed for each import iteration. You can use the following variables:
  $listing - is a current listing being imported.
E.g. $listing['Country'] – contains Country value of imported listing.

After you finished setting the Data Source Parameters you need to press the “Save” button at the bottom of the page. You will be redirected back to the XML Import page with the list of the existing XML Data Sources. At the bottom of the list you will see the newly created XML Data Source.

In the XML Data Sources list you can see “Actions” and "Status" columns:

To Run a parser - click on the green “Run” icon opposite the needed XML Data Source. The system will make the import of XML data from this data source.

To *Edit* any of the existing XML Data Sources you need to click on the orange “Edit” icon opposite it.
The  “Edit Data Source” page will be opened where you can make the needed changes. After that you need to press the “Save” button to submit the changes.

To Delete a needless XML Data Source – click on the red “Delete” icon opposite it. You will need to confirm the delete action - whereupon this XML Data Source will be deleted from the system.

The "Status" column displays the current status of the Data Source. There are two types of statuses – ‘Active’ and ‘Not Active’:


  • ‘Not Active’ status means that XML import will not be done automatically by the system. It can be run manually if needed. Switched off lamp icon (of gray color) displays the ‘Not Active’ status, click on this icon to Activate the Data Source.
  • ‘Active’ status means that XML import will be done automatically by the system once a day. Switched on lamp icon (of yellow color) displays the ‘Active’ status, click on this icon to Deactivate the Data Source.
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