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XML feeds function allows you exporting job and resume postings from your site to other sites like or

XML - Extensible Markup Language. More information you can find here:

To get to the XML Feeds page you need to go to Admin Panel > Listing Management > XML Feeds item. On the opened page you will see the list of feeds currently available in the system and tools to create your own feeds.

To create the new feed you need to click on the “Add New Feed” ling on the XML Feeds page. On the opened page you will see the following form:

Fill in this form to set the needed parameters for the new feed.

  • Name – enter the desired name for the new feed;
  • Template– You need to create the template for a feed and enter the name of the template to this field. Instructions to create a new template you can find here
  • Type– select from the drop-down list the listing type for listings of the feed (job or resume);
  • Listings Limit– set the needed the number of listings for a feed;
  • MIME-type – this field contains the default type for the rss feed, but other type can be entered as well (e.g. ‘text/xml’)
  • Feed Description – you can enter additional feed description to this field;

After you filled in the form press the “Add Feed” button under the form.

The newly created feed will appear at the bottom of the list of feeds on the XML feeds page.
Then you need to click on the template name of the newly created feed to form the template:

On the opened page you will see the edit box to edit the template code.
Usually feed templates requirements and their samples are provided by web-sites for which you want to create feeds.

Within the SmartJobBoard software you will be provided with the templates for and for
Also within the software there is Latest Listings template provided. The RSS-link to the Latest Listings is displayed on the site Homepage by default.

To edit any of the existing feeds you need to click on the “Edit” icon opposite this feed in the list.


You will see the “Edit Feed” page opened (e.g. Latest Listings Feed):

After you edited the fields the way you need – press on the “Update Feed” button. The changes will be saved.

To delete a needless feed – you just need to click on the “Delete” icon opposite the feed you want to be deleted.

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