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Wordpress Installation

1. In order to have the login integration with WordPress blog (autologin) you should have WordPress CMS installed on your server in a separate folder inside the directory in which you have your SmartJobBoard instance. You can name the folder to your preference, for example /blog

2. Sign in to the WordPress Admin Panel and go to Plugins > Add New > Upload.
Copy there the archive from the 3rd party/WordPressIntegration/WordPress/

3. Activate the plugin.

4. Sign in to the SmartJobBoard Admin Panel and go to System Configuration > Plugins > WordPressBridgePlugin (click on the “Settings” link).
You will see the following page opened:

WordPress Path - specify here the path to the blog, e.g. /blog.

Wordpress path is not a required field. This field should be filled only if you need autologin to WordPress because this feature makes the login process slower.


Display on Homepage – check this box if you want the latest blog posts from RSS feed to be displayed on your site homepage;


 By default the latest blog posts will be displayed at the bottom of the front-end homepage under the Latest Jobs section

RSS URL – Specify the URL for the RSS feed, e.g.;

Then press the “Save” button to save the changes in the settings.

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