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This option allows users to make payments by a wire transfer.

ID – Payment gateway ID, it is the system parameter;

Caption – the name of the payment gateway that will be visible for users;

Active – enable this parameter to activate the Cash Payment and make this option available for users;

If you would like to edit the text of the instructions for users to follow when they make the payment via Wire Transfer you need to click on the “Edit the instructions page” link.

You will be redirected to the page where you can edit the Wire Transfer template –“wire_transfer.tpl”:

On that page you will see the wide text field containing the current code of the Cash Payment page.There you can enter any needed instructions for users to make cash payments:

Be sure to not delete or replace the symbols of the code (“”, {}, []. $, etc). E.g. $username – the system will automatically put there the username of a user reviewing the cash payment page; $amount – the system will automatically put there the amount of the payment user is going to make, etc.


When a user makes a payment using wire transfer, the information about it will appear in the ‘Payments’ table on the Transaction History page. However, this transaction will have a ‘Pending’ status. Administrator will need to endorse this payment manually once the payment is received. To endorse the payment you need to find the transaction by its ID and click on the ‘Endorse’ button.



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