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All users in the system are divided into User Groups to determine the way these users (registered or not) would work with a site.

User Group - is a group with specific properties and settings.
There are three default User Groups in the system: Guest, Employer and Job Seeker.

  • Guest Group – all non registered or not signed in users belong to this User Group when they are online on the site.

Users do not need to make any actions to belong to 'Guest' Group – if they are not signed in to the site – system automatically define them as “Guests” and all the Guest Group settings will be applied to them.

  • Employers – originally this User Group is for those Users who will post Jobs (vacancies) on the site and/or search for Resumes.

  • Job Seekers - this User Group is initially for those Users who will post Resumes on the site and search for Jobs.

However, the mentioned above purposes and settings are relative. You can configure your User Groups to work the way you need.
Also if wanted you can add new User Groups to the system.

Note: for more information see the "User Groups" section of the Manual

Employer and Job Seeker User Groups (as well as any new User Groups you may create) have its unique ID, specific group name, registration form template, description, user menu template, permissions, profile fields and Products.
All these settings can be modified by Administrator editing the particular User Group parameters.


Note: Description of each of these parameters and detailed instructions how to modify them you can find in the "User Groups" section of the Manual.

To proceed with the registration process a user has to choose an appropriate User Group. Again, the administrator can create as many User Groups as needed.

Then according to the selected User Group a user will proceed with filling in the User Profile fields.

Administrator has the opportunity to manage all Users registered in the system via Admin Panel.*

In particular he can review and edit User Details, specified by Users in their User Profile, activate and deactivate registered users, change their Membership Plans, ban/unban IP addresses from which a user logged in to the site, etc.

Administrator can add new users to the system manually or import them.

  Note: All these and other actions and options are described in the "Manage Users" section of the present Manual.

Also via Admin Panel administrator can send mailings on a User Group basis.
That way if you make any changes associated to that User Group settings, you can easily send out an email to all users of that particular User Group.

Note: More information about mailing function is available in the "Mass Mailing" section of the Manual.
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