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Thanks to this feature Employers can create sub-accounts and set different permissions for each of them.
This feature is useful in a case Employer is a big company or a recruiting agency, and he needs to have several accounts for his HR managers, managed by the main company account.

Creating a New Sub-Account

To create a new sub-account an employer needs to go to My Account >> Sub Accounts menu:


On the top of the opened page there will be the "Create New Account" link:


Cliking on this link an employer will be redirected to the "Sub-user Registration" page.
There an employer should enter registration details of the new sub-user:


Note: a username of a sub-user can't be changed in future.

Also an employer sets the needed permissions for this particular sub-user checking the corresponding check boxes:


Then an employer needs to press the "Register" button to complete creating a new sub-user.
He will be redirected back to the "Sub-Users" page:


The newly created sub-user will appear in the end of the sub-users table:


Editing / Deleting Sub-users

To edit details of a certain sub-users employer needs go to Sub-Users page (My Account >> Sub- Users) and click on the Edit icon opposite the needed sub-users in the table:


The "Sub-User Profile" page will be opened where an employer can edit details of the sub-user, i.e. - password, email and permissions:


To save the changes press the "Save" button.

To delete one sub-user an employer can simply click on the "Delete" icon opposite this particular sub-user in the table:


To delete two and more sub-users at once, an employer needs to select these sub-users checking the boxes in front of them in the table
and then press the "Delete" button above the table:


Loggin in as a sub-user

Once a certain sub-user was registered by an employer - this sub-user can log in under his account details and work with the site according to the permissions assigned to him.
On the My Account page of a sub-user there will be displayed only those menus that he's allowed to access according to his permissions, for example:


Note: there is a number of My Account menus that are always accessible for sub-users
if they are allowed for Employers User Group by the Admin.
These menus are: Private Messages, Saved Resumes, Resume Alerts, Saved Searches.

When a sub-user goes to the My Profile page, he will see the following page:


So a sub-user can change his Password and E-mail if wanted, but he is not allowed to change his Username.

If a sub-user tries to access a page that is not allowed according to his permission, e.g. tries to Post a Job, but he has permissions to only Update Subscriptions,
then he will see the following message:


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