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Every user registered in the system belongs to one of the existing User Groups.
This section will provide you with the information how to create, edit and delete user groups.
By default the software already includes three User Groups – “Employer”, “JobSeeker” and "Guest".

Not signed in users (both registered and not) work in the site as 'Guest' group users.

To get to the User Group page you need to go to Admin Panel > Users > User Groups.
On the opened page you will see the table with existing User Groups and the link to create a new User Group:

To create a new User Group - click on the ‘Add a New User Group’ link.

More information about User Groups functions you can find in the "Users and Groups" section of the Manual.

Adding a New User Group

On the opened page you will see the following form displayed:

Fill in the form fields to set the needed parameters for the new User Group.

  • ID - the unique User Group ID (mandatory parameter). This value will be used by system and will not be visible for users. Make sure to not use space character for ID value;
  • Group name - the name of the User Group (mandatory parameter), this name will be displayed for users;
  • Registration form template
  • Send Activation Email* – enable this setting if you want users to activate their account using the activation link sent to their email;
  • Approve Users by Admin- enable this setting if you want users of this group to be approved by admin, before their account will be activated;
  • Require email confirmation – check this box if you want users to enter their emails twice for confirmation when registering;
  • User Menu Template – file name that includes the template for the user menu. If the file name is not specified the system will use a default template ('user_menu.tpl') to display the user menu template for my account;
    Show "Don't send mailings" check box in user profile - set this option if you want users of this Group to be able to choose whether they want to receive the newsletters and mailings from site administration or not by checking the “Don’t’ send mailings check box;.
    ser email as user name - Set this flag if you want Users of this Group to use their email instead of username when signing in;After registration redirect to - select where user will be redirected ater completing registration process. Possible options: "My Account" page, "Post a Listing (job/resume)" page.  After registration redirect to - If you want users after registration to be redirected to My Account select the "My Account" option. If you want your users to be redirected to the Posting Page after the registration select the "Posting Page" option.

    Please note - in case you select "Posting Page" option - If a user group doesn't have any default products allowing to post users will be redirected to the Products page first

At the bottom of the “Add a New User Group” from you can see the “Notification Settings” option. It contains settings that will be applied by default for newly registered users of this Group.
Click on the “Notification Settings” line to get the settings displayed:

Check the boxes for the parameters you want to be set by default. E.g. if you want users to receive notifications about their listing being activated – check the “Notify User on Listing Activation” box.
If "Remind User..." option is enabled - users will be reminded about their Subscription and/or Listing expiration the preset number of days before.

After you set all the parameters for the new User Group - press the "Add" button at the bottom of the form. The new User Group will be created and appear in the User Groups table.

Editing a User Group


To edit a User Group click on the “Edit” icon opposite this User Group.

For example we'll review editing ‘Employer’ User Group. On the opened “Edit User Group” page we will see the following settings to edit:


As you see “User Group Info” form contains the same settings as the “Add a New User Group” form has (which were described in the beginning of this section).

Above the 'User Group Info' form there are links to Edit User Profile Fields and Manage Permissions.


Edit User Group Profile Fields

Each user group (except the "Guest" group) has its own User Profile Fields.
Above the “User Group Info” form as well as on the page with all existing groups you can see the “Edit User Profile Fields” link. Click on this link if you want to edit the Profile fields of this User Group.
On the opened page you will see the list of User Profile Fields:

To edit any of the fields – click on the “Edit” icon opposite this field.

More information about Field Types and the way to edit them you can find  in the "Field Types Reference" section.

To delete a needless field you need to click on the “Delete” icon opposite this field.

To change the order fields will be displayed you can use the red pointer (to move an item down) and green pointer (to move an item up).

You can also add New Profile fields for this User Group. For that you need to click on the “Add User Profile Field” link. You will see the following form displayed

In this form you need to set the parameters described below:

  • ID – the unique field ID (mandatory parameter). This is the system field and you need to make sure to not use space character. This value will be not displayed to users.
  • Caption– the field name (mandatory parameter), this name will be visible for users;
  • Type– the type of newly created field (more detailed information about field types you can find in the Field Types Reference section);
  • Required - this flag means that the field will be required to be filled in by users. If you want to make filling in the field optional for users - leave "Required" flag unchecked.

Then press the "Add" button. You will be redirected back to the "Edit User Profile Fields" page where the newly created field will appear at the bottom of the fields table.

After you finished editing User Profile fields you need to get back to the ‘Edit User Group’ page if needed. To get back – use the navigation line on the top of the page and click on the User Group name link (‘Employer’ in our example):

Managing User Group Permissions

To manage the permissions of the User Group, click on the Manage Permissions link/button. You will see the following page opened:


To allow/deny a certain permission you need to check/uncheck an appropriate box.

When a certain option is denied - Admin can choose whether it will be hidden from users

or set a message to display for users when they try to use that option:

Make sure to press the "Save" button after making changes in Permission Settings. Use the "Apply" button to save the changes and stay on the current page.


Employer and Job Seeker User Groups have the same set of Permission settings. Admin should enable the settings appropriate for each User Group.


*Guest User Group Permissions

If you click on the "Manage permissions" button opposite the "Guest" User Group - you will see the following page opened

Here you can set the Permissions for the Guest User Group. Make sure to press the "Save" button in order to save the changes made for Permissions.

User Group Product settings

At the bottom of the “Edit User Group” page you can see the Products section displaying the Membership Plans available for this User Group.

In the settings of each Product you can select the User Group this product will be available for.

There you can also see the Number of users subscribed to each of these products.

If needed you can change the order of products displayed for users of this Group on the Choose Subscription page. For that use the green pointer (to move the plan up) or red pointer (to move it down).

One of the Products scan be set to be Default for a User Group. Then after registration all users of this Group will be automatically subscribed to this Product free or charge.
To make a Product default you simply need to check the box opposite this plan in the table:

More information about Membership plans and their settings you can find in the Products section of the Manual.

Deleting a User Group

Only a User Group with no users can be deleted. "Guest" group can't be deleted from the system.

To delete a User Group, first you need to delete all users belonging to this Group. For that go to "Manage Users" section of the Admin Panel, find all users of this Group using the search form, select them in the table and Delete using the Actions with selected option.

Then once users are deleted you will see red “Delete” button appeared opposite this User Group in the table (E.g. Employer User Group).


Press this button in order to remove the User Group from the system. 

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