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Upload your logo” function allows you to easily upload your own logo instead of default one provided within the software.


The first text line you see on the "Upload Logo" page displays the name of the Theme your new logo will be displayed for.

If you want to upload logo for another Theme you need to make that Theme to be the current one first. To do that you need to go to Templates > Themes menu of the Admin Panel and make the needed Theme current clicking on the “Make Current” line opposite the Theme.

More information about software Themes and available actions you can find in the section Themes.

Then return back to the Upload logo page using the Dashboard > Quick Links.
To upload your logo click on the “Browse” button and indicate the needed file with logo.

Alternative Text - text you enter here will be displayed instead of your logo if image display is disabled in a browser. Also this text will be shown when a cursor is over the logo.
Then press the save button.

The newly uploaded logo will appear instead of the old one. To see the way your new logo looks on the front end you need to open any page of your site in a browser. If you already have your front end opened – it will be enough to just refresh a page to see the new logo displayed.
For that you can click on the “Refresh” button of your browser or press the 'F5' key on your keyboard.

SmartJobBoard software supports any graphic formats to be uploaded as a logo.

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