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Automatic Updater is a section on the Admin Panel dashboard displaying available minor updates and updating system automatically if Admin wants to load a new build.



If there are no new updates and you have the latest version of the software you will see the following screen:



Each time a new update is available in the Admin Panel you can see a notification popping up in the upper left corner saying that a new update is available:




You can either close this notification or click on it and start the update process. It is also possible to proceed with the update from the Dashboard any time you need:



If you have decided to proceed with the update click the ‘Update to version x.x build xxxx’ button and you will be redirected to the following page:


On this page you need to enter the access details to your Client Area. You got these access details when you purchased your license.



Please note that for performing the update you need to have your Upgrade Service active. If it is not active please contact our Sales Department at


Once you get successfully authorized in the system you will get to the following page:


You need to make sure that you have a backup of your software before proceeding with the update so you could restore the system any time if something goes wrong.



SmartJobBoard is not responsible for any loss of data after performing the update.


If you have not done the backup and want to create it click 'Cancel' button and get redirected to the Backup page. If you have done the backup and sure that you want to proceed click 'Continue' button and see the following page:


On this page you can check how many files will be added and updated. The system will also show the files that were manually modified fom the original during customization.

  • File will be added - means that a new file will be added to your system.
  • File will be updated - means that the file that is already in your system will be updated with new data. This file was not modified from the original so the update will be safe for it.
  • File will be changed - means that the file that is already in your system was manually modified fom the original during customization and in case of update it can be overwritten by new data.  You need to check these files manually and make sure that none of your customized data will be lost.

Files that will be changed require your special attention so please check them manually by clicking 'View changed files' button. Once you click the button you will see the list of files popped up below:


You can either agree and change this file or skip changing this file. You can click 'View diff' button and in the newly opened page compare the changes made in the file. On the left side you will see your existing contents with parts that were manually modified fom the original during customization and on the right side you will see the contents that will be added. As you can see from below the phrase that was modified manually before the update on the left side can be overwritten by the phrase in the new update on the right side:


The phrase that will be added instead of old one is marked with green so you could easily see what is new in the document.



If you see any conflicts and wish to avoid overwritings skip changing this file and change it manually later.



You can also click the 'View full list of files' button and check the full list of files that will be updated, added and changed:



Once you have checked the list of files and decided to proceed with the update click the 'Update' button and the system will be automatically updated to the new build.


Please note that for minor updates to builds (for example build 6400) within your current global software version (for example v4.0) there will be no need to reinstall your current plugins, restore your website contents and reupload the existing users and listings.


If the update was performed successfully you will see the following notification:

On your Dashboard you will see that the your version have changed to the latest one:

Once there is a new update issued by SmartJobBoard you will see it again on you Dashboard.


Manual Update

If you have decided to make a manual update below you can find the relevant instructions.

At the following stage you can click the 'Get archived files for manual update' button and save an archive with the files:





a) Make backup of your web-site
b) Make backup of your database

Actions for upgrade

1. Upgrade files and folders

If you haven’t changed source code of the system:
Just extract or copy and replace all folders and files into the /public_html/ folder of your system from the SmartJobBoard patch archive

If you’ve changed the source code of the system:
You should compare all files and folders in SmartJobBoard software archive with files in your
system. And then transfer the changes manually.

2. Delete all .php files from the /system/cache folder and from all its sub-folders.

3. After the upgrade is done you need to set the permissions for the following files:

/system/cache folder - set chmod 777 to this folder and to all the folders contained in the /cache folder

/languages folder- set chmod 777 to this folder and to all the files contained in the /languages folder
/templates - set chmod 777 to this folder and to all files and folder contained in the /templates folder

4. Open the Homepage of your site in a browser.
The system will perform necessary actions to finalize the upgrade. After the upgrade is finished remove the “update.php” file.