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LiteSpeed server supports mod_rewrite directives, set in .htaccess file of smartjobboard software.
But when creating a virtual host this functional is disabled by default.
Below you can find the instruction for enabling .htaccess.

Note: the images used in the instructions below are examples, it may look different on your server.

1. Open Virtual Hosts list:

2. Go to viewing details of the Virtual Host clicking on the “View” link:


*3.*Open “General” tab:


4. Then open HT Access editing block:


5. Check the FileInfo box and enter ‘.htaccess’ to the “Access File Name” field. Make sure to click on the "Save" link to save the changes.

6. Apply changes clicking on the “Apply changes” link


7. Run Graceful Restart


8. Confirm restarting the server pressing the “OK” button:


9. The process may take a while, please wait:


10. Make sure that the server was successfully restarted, you should see the following message displayed:



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