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‘Tree’ type is used for fields with multilevel data structure, for example “Occupations” field.

By default fields of this type are displayed in pop-up window as select boxes for each level on the input and search forms.

To open a pop-up window with tree values users need to click a button opposite the field name:

After this button is clicked a pop-up window will appear where users can select needed values:

Editing a field of “tree” type

To edit a field of ‘tree’ type in the Admin Panel – click on the 'Edit' icon near the field of the 'Tree' type. E.g. to edit the “Occupations” field you need to go to Listing Configuration > Common Fields > Occupations > “Edit” icon.

A ‘tree’ type field modification page will be opened where you can modify the ‘tree’ type field parameters and select/ enter the default value to be set for this particular field:


Check “Sort Values by Alphabet” box if you want your Tree values to be displayed alphabetically for Users.

Note: If a field you are editing is a User Profile field – you select its default value from the list values of this field.

But if a field you are editing is a Listing field (like in the example above) – then you can either select its default value(s)from the list of values of this field or select one of the User Profile fields to be used as a default value.

Editing Tree values

If you need to edit the values of a ‘tree’ type field – click on the “Edit Tree Values” link located above the 'Edit field Info' form:


There will be the page opened where you can add new value(s), delete needless ones, edit existing ones and change the order tree values will be displayed for users:


Adding a new item to the Tree Root

To add a new item to the tree 'Root' you need to enter it to the 'Value' field in the 'Add a New Tree Value' dialog box:


Then select the place where the new item should be added: ‘to the beginning’ of the Root list, ‘to the end’ of it or after a certain Root item (which you select from the drop-down list).
Then press the “Add” button:


If you need to add several values at once, use press the 'Add Multiple values' button:

Deleting Root item

To delete one item from the Tree Root you just need to click on the “Delete” icon opposite this particular item in the table.
And if you need to delete more than one item at once – you need to select these items first (checking the boxes) and then press the “Delete” button at the top of the table.


The selected items will be immediately deleted from the system and can’t be restored, only added anew.

Changing Root items order

You can change the order Root items will be displayed for Users if needed.
For that you can use green pointer (to move an item up) and red pointer (to move an item down); or you can just drag a certain item to a desired place in the list.

Make sure to press the “Save Order” button to submit the order changes you made.

Editing Root items

To edit a 'Root' item and its values, you need click on the 'Edit' icon opposite this particular item in the Root list. E.g. “Accounting-Finance” field:


On the opened page you will see the form to edit the Root item value itself (“Accounting-Finance”):


There you can change the name of the item and move it to another position in the Root items list.
Make sure to press the “Save” button to submit the changes.

Also you can see the form to add a new value to the “Accounting-Finance” values list.

To add a new tree value - enter the desired name, select the position in the list for the new item to be placed. Then press the “Add” button. To add more than one value at once, press the 'Add multiple values' button.
The newly added tree value(s) will appear in the table of “Accounting-Finance” values below on the same page:


You can make to this list the same actions like described earlier:
deleting needless item(s),
changing items order
and editing item(s).

Editing tree value of the 2nd level

To edit one of the “Accounting-Finance” tree values – click on the “Edit” icon opposite the value you want to edit. E.g. “Bookkeeping”.
There will be the following page opened:


Use “Edit Tree Value” form to change the value of the item and its position among other items.
Make sure to press the “Save” button to submit the changes.

If needed you can add more levels to your Tree.
In the example above to add one more level you would use the “Add New Tree Value” form. There you’d need to enter a value, select ‘to the beginning’ position and press the “Add” button.
The same way you can add as many values for the new tree level as needed. 

New values would appear in the values table on the same page:

Importing Tree Data

As you could see on each of the reviewed above pages there was the “Import data from file” option.
This allows you importing new values for any of the tree levels from .csv or .exl files.

Clicking on the 'Import data from file' link will redirect you to the 'Import Tree Data' page:


  • Using the “Browse” button indicate the file to be imported.
  • Then select the format of your file (CSV or Excel).
  • Enter to the 'Start Line' field the number of the line in your file from which system should start importing data.
  • And then press the “Import” button.


Below you can see the format of the import file to follow in order to import multi-level tree values:



Once the data in the above format is imported you will get the following result:



Once importing process completed the new values will appear in the appropriate tree level values table.


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