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Transaction History page allows you to review the payments made by uses and manage these payments.

To get to the ‘Transaction History’ page you need to go to Admin Panel > Payments > Transaction History.
On the top of the opened page you will see the “Filter Payments By” search form:

The administrator can filter payments by required parameters. The filter includes the following fields:

ID - id of a payment transaction;

Period from ... to – a time range of payments;

Username – is used to filter transactions made by a specific user;

Status – transaction status (Completed | Pending | Failed | Any Status)

You can set the needed criteria to get the particular payment(s) displayed in the table below the filter form. (E.g. you can set the desired Period of time that only payments made during this period would be displayed. Or you can select the certain Status so that only payments with that status would be displayed).


Transaction is considered ‘Completed’ once the amount of money paid by a user was successfully received by owner of the system.

Transaction is considered ‘Pending’ when it is being processed or has been completed offline.
A user may be in a process of transferring money or a payment was made by cash.
In a case of cash payment or wire transfer you will be required to change the status of this
transaction manually by pressing the ‘Endorse’ button.

Transaction is ‘Failed’ when there is a fail while transferring a payment.

Below the Payments Filter you can see the Payments Table where you can see detailed information on transactions:

Payments table includes the following fields:

ID - ID of a payment;

Date – date of a payment;

Description – description of a service for which a user has made a payment;

User Name - a username of a person who has made a payment (clicking on a username link you will be redirected to the Edit User Info page containing the profile details of this user);

Amount – the amount of money paid by a user;

Status – payment status (Completed | Pending | Failed);

You can sort displayed payments by any fields in ascending or descending order clicking on the underlined column titles.
At the bottom of the table you can see the Total Amount of all displayed payments.

To delete any payment from the Transaction History you need to select these payments checking the boxes and then press the “Delete” button over or under the Payments table:

To Endorse ‘Pending’ payments manually you need to select them first checking the boxes and then press the “Endorse” button over or under the Payments table:

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