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The software is provided with a set of themes to choose from. This allows you choosing the front-end design to your liking.

To get to the ‘Themes’ page you need to go to Admin Panel > Layout and Content > Themes.
On the opened page you will see the Themes table displaying all the available themes:

In this table you can also see which Theme is the current front-end theme at the moment. If you want another Theme to be current you just need to click on the “Make current” link opposite the needed Theme.

You can delete a needless Theme clicking on the red “Delete” icon opposite it.


At least one theme should be available in the system. You should not delete all themes.

Creating a New Theme

Also you have the opportunity to create your own new front-end Theme. Over the “Themes” table you can see the “Create Theme” block:

Specify there the following parameters:

New Theme Name – enter the desired name for the new Theme you’re going to create;

Copy from – select one of the existing templates to be used as a sample, a source for the new Theme you’re creating;

Then you need to press the “Create” button and the new Theme will appear in the Themes table below.


To edit the templates of the newly created Theme you need to make it current first and then go to Templates section of the Admin Panel.

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