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Fields of the ‘Text’ type are used to allow users to enter text format data, such as: Job description, Job Requirements, etc.

Text values entering to the ‘text’ type fields are similar to string values except that they are displayed as text areas in input forms and as input boxes in search forms.
For editing/filling in text areas in the front-end users will use WYSIWG editor. E.g. “Job Description” text area:


Once filled in the Job Description text area will be displayed as a text block:


To edit a ‘text’ type field in the Admin Panel you need to click on the Edit icon opposite this particular field. E.g. to edit Skills field you need to go to Listing Configuration > Listing Types > Resume > Skills > "Edit" icon

There will be the form opened where you can modify the ‘text’ type field parameters and select/enter the default value to be set for this particular field.
For example “Skills” field:



Note: If a field you are editing is a User Profile field - you can enter the desired default value for this field.But if a field you are editing is a Listing field (like in the example above) - then you can either enter the value to be set as a default one or select one of the User Profile fields to be used as a default value.

By default Text values are not restricted in length but you can limit the number of symbols to be entered if needed specifying the ‘Maximum Length’ value.

Make sure to press the “Save” button to complete editing a field. Use the "Apply" button to save changes and remain on the current page.


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