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Below you can see the instructions to move the Sign In form to another place. There are two ways to do that:

1) Moving it altogether with login form design

In the Edit templates –>system templates-> main –> main.tpl find the following part of the code:


<div class="loginFormTop">[[Sign In]]</div>

       <div class="loginFormBg">

            <br/>{module name="users" function="login" template="login.tpl" internal="true"}<br/>


        <div class="loginFormBottom"> </div>

Cut it and insert to the needed place in the template code.

E.g. you want to move the Sign In form to the right column. Then you need to find the beginning of the code that defines the right column in the main.tpl

<div class="rightColumn">

And then you need to insert the Sign In form code before or after the banners code:

{module name="banners" function="show_banners" group="Side Banners"}

2) The other way to move the Sign In form is to move it without design – i.e. only Login and Password fields

For that you need to paste the following code in the needed place of the template code:

{module name="users" function="login" template="login.tpl" internal="true"}

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