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Screening Questionnaires is a feature that allows employers creating a Questionnaire with passing score, add it to a certain Job Posting and thus filter candidates according to their answers. Job Seekers when applying for such job have to fill up a questionnaire.

Creating a New Questionnaire

To create a new questionnaire an employer needs to go to My Account >> Screening Questionnaires menu:


Then on the opened page click on the "Create New Questionnaire" link:


There will be the page opened where an employer needs to enter a desired Name for a Questionnaire and specify a needed Passing Score to filter candidates according to their answers:


Under the 'Passing Scrore' an employer can make the settings for sending auto-reply emails to candidates of two types ('passed' and 'not passed)


To enable sending auto-reply emails to one or both types of candidates an employer should check the box(es).
There will be a text area displayed where an employer can insert a desired email text to be sent to this particular type of cadidates:


Once all settings are made an employer needs to press the "Add" button at the bottom of the page in order to add a new Questionnaire.

Adding Questions to a Questionnaire

After an employer created a Questionnaire he can proceed to adding questions to the Questionnaire, he will be automatically redirected to the page where he can add and edit questions of a Questionnaire:


Question -an employer enters a desired name of a Question

Required - if this question should be 'required' to be answered to, an employer should check this box

Answer Type - an employer selects the needed type of an answer for this Question.

To add a new question an employer simply needs to enter Question name, set an Answer Type and press the "Add" button.

"Text" type - job seekers will be given a text area to enter their answer to this question;

"Yes/No" type - job seekers will be able to select 'yes' or 'no' answer, an employer can set a score for each of answers:


"List of answers with multiple choice" type - job seekers will be able to choose one or more of the answers preset by an employer.
Each answer amy have different score:


"List of answers with single choice" type - is set the same way as the previous type described above. The only difference is that job seekers will be able to choose only one answer of the given ones.

A newly created Question will appear in a table on the same page below:  

An employer can change questions order using the red and green pointers and edit/delete any question if needed clicking on the 'Edit' and 'Delete' links.

Note: an employer can add as many questions to a Questionnaire as wanted.

Adding a Questionnaire to a Job Posting

To review / edit / delete any of the created Questionnaires an employer needs to go to My Account >> Screening Questionnaires, they will be displayed in the tabuler format:


To add a Questionnaire to a certain Job posting an employer needs to go to My Account >> My Jobs menu and edit the needed Job posting.

At the bottom of the "Edit Listing" page there is a "Screening Questionnaire" section:


There an employer needs to select a Questionnaire to be added to this Job posting and then press the "Save" button.

Note: an employer can add only one Questionnaire for a certain Job posting.

Screening Questionnaire on the Apply Now form

A Screening Questionnaire added to a certain Job posting will be displayed on the "Apply Now" form:


When a job seeker applies for such job posting he will need to fill in this Questionnaire in order to complete applying to the job.

If an employer enabled sending auto-reply emails to candidates, job seekers will automatically receive such emails after completing applying to a job.

Questionnaire Results in the Applications Tracking

After an application received an employer can review the Score and result ('passed' or 'not passed') of a certain job seeker.
For that he needs to go to My Account >> Application Tracking menu >> Score column:


To review the answers given by a certain job seeker, an employer should click on the Result link (on the picture above it is "Not Passed").
The "View Questionnaire" page will be opened where an employer can see the questions listed and answers a certain job seeker has given to these questions:



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