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For more specific statistics on Sales go to Admin Panel > Reports > Sales:

In the filter form select a report you need and press ‘Generate.

By default in the system for Sales there are following Reports set up:

  • Sales per Period by Product
  • Sales per Period by Job Seeker
  • Sales per Period by Employer
  • Sales per Period by test
  • Sales per Period by Country
  • Sales per Period by State
  • Sales per Period by City

Select one of the above reports and set up the time frame for which you would like to generate the stats and press ‘Generate’ button.

On the newly opened page you would get a report together with a graph.

Export of stats in CSV/XLS and Printing:

All the reports can be exported in CSV/XLS file. On the bottom of the stats page select the necessary format and press ‘Export’:

Then save the file where you need.


For printing press the Print button in the bottom of a report and it will appear in a new window in a printer friendly version.


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