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Below the "Users Online" section of the Dashboard you can see the "Registered Users" block:

The "Registered Users" line displays the total number of the Users registered in the system for the present time.
If you click on this line you will be redirected to the Manage Users page where you can see the detailed information about all registered users and available actions, like: activating, deactivating certain users, changing their Membership Plans, etc. These and other actions are described more detailed in the Manage Users section of this Manual

Also in the "Registered Users" block you can see the number of Job Seekers and Employers registered in the system Today, This Week, This Month and Totals.
In both Job Seeker and Employer section it is displayed how many of the registered users are currently 'Active' (account is activated) and 'Not Active' (account is not activated yet).

More information about users’ statuses and available actions you can find in the description of the Manage Users page.

Clicking on any of the underlined numbers of the "Registered Users" section will bring you to the Manage Users page of the Admin Panel where you will see the selected Users details displayed.
For example, total of registered Job Seekers :

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