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Refine Search function

"Refine search" function is to make listing search process more effective and convenient for users.
Users can dynamically filter job or resume search results on search results page.
If this feature is enabled by Administrator it will work the following way for the site users:
when they make a Search (e.g. Search Jobs) on the Search Results page there will be the “Refine Results” section displayed:

As you can see the ‘Refine Results’ section displays the list of criteria and specifies the results with number of Jobs meeting those criteria. In our case these criteria are: “State”, “City” and “Category”.

Thus the ‘Refine Search’ feature allows the user easily reviewing search results meeting the different criteria (and there’s no need to modify the search and get back to Find Jobs form).
For example a user is interested in Jobs of “Accounting” Category. Then he will click on the “Accounting” link in the Refine Results section, like shown on the picture below:

The search will be refined and only results meeting the selected criteria “Accounting” will be displayed in the search results (in our example there are tree jobs meeting this criteria):

In the “Current Search” section (which is above "Refine Results") the currently selected search criteria will be displayed.
And if there are more criteria left that search results meet – they will be displayed in the "Refine Results" section. E.g. the user may click on the “Alabama” to review the resumes meeting both criteria – Category: “Accounting” and State: “Alabama”.

If the user need to cancel any of selected criteria – he just need to click on the “undo” icon in front of this particular criteria in the “Current Search” section. Like shown on the picture below:

The search will be refined again and the results meeting all the criteria “Current Search” contains (except the canceled one) will be displayed.

Refine Search settings

To review/edit the Refine Search settings you need to go to Admin Panel > System Configuration > Refine Search Settings.

At the top of the opened page you will see the "Items Limit" setting - it is the number of items to be displayed in each Refine Search block on a front-end:

Below there are Refine Search Settings for all of the existing listing types. By default for Job and Resume listing types:

To make Refine Search available for a certain listing type you need to check the “Turn on Refine Search” box on the top of a Job/Resume Search form, like on the picture above.
On each of the forms you can see the list of fields that currently used as criteria for the Refine Search.
If there are any field(s) you don’t want to be used as Refine Search criteria – just click on the red “Delete” icon opposite this particular field(s) in the table.


The field(s) you delete from the Refine Search criteria list will remain in the system, just they will not be used as criteria for Refine Search feature.


Also if needed you can change the order these fields-criteria will be displayed in the Refine Results section. For that use the green pointer (to move an item up) and red pointer (to move an item down).

If you want to add another field(s) to the Refine Search criteria list – you need to select this field in the drop-down list and then press the “Add” button.
E.g. we need to add “Country” field to be used as Refine Search criteria for the Job Search:

This field will be added to the Refine Search criterias and appear in the fields list on the form.


If you create a new Listing Type in the system (E.g. “Tender”) – the ‘Tender Search’ form to configure the Refine Search settings for Tender listing type will appear on the Refine Search Settings page in the Admin Panel. By default it will be disabled and have no fields added as Refine Search criteria.

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