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The 'Job Search' ('Quick Search') form provides easy access to the main functions of the Find Jobs page.
By default the Job Search form is located on the Home page.

"Intelligent View" Theme Job Search form:

Changing picture

For example you need to change the Job Search form picture of the "Intelligent View" Theme.
To change the picture on the Job Search form use one of the following options:

1) Rename your image file to "quickSearch.png".

And then upload this image to the templates / Theme name/ main / images

2) The other option is to upload your picture and then specify its name in the CSS

Dashboard -> Quick Links -> Edit CSS

Change the underlined image name to the name of the new image uploaded by you.

.quickSearch {

    background: url(quickSearch.png) #f5f5f5 no-repeat; background-position: right bottom;

    border-left: 1px solid #b7b7b7;

    border-right: 1px solid #b7b7b7;

    width: 551px;

    clear: both;

    padding: 5px 10px 10px;


Replace a field on the Job Search form

Any of the deafult search criteria on the Job Search form can be replaced with another criteria if needed.

For example you need to replace the "State" field with the "Country" field.

To do that you open the Admin Panel -> Common Fields

From this page further you will need to copy the Caption and ID of the 'Country' field. 

And in another browser tab open the Admin Panel -> Layout and Content -> System templates -> Classifieds -> quick_search.tpl

In the quick_search.tpl code you need to find the code defining the "State" field, which will be:

<div class="quickSearchInputField">[[FormFieldCaptions!State]]<br/>{search property=State}</div>

And to get the 'State' field replaced with the 'Country' field you simply need to:

1) replace the 'State' field Caption with the 'Country' field Caption here:

[[FormFieldCaptions!State]]           - this is the title of the field.

so it will be:

2) and here replace the 'State' field ID with the 'Country' field ID:
{search property=State}      - this code defines the display of the input field.

so it will be:
'{search property=Country'}

Add a new field to the Job Search form

To add a new field to the Job Search form you need to go to Admin Panel -> Templates -> Edit Templates -> Classifieds -> quick_search.tpl

Only existing field can be added to the Job Search form. 

In the quick_search.tpl you can see that the code defining 'Keywords' and 'Category' fields is enclosed with the:


That means that the 'Keywords' and 'Category' fields will be displayed on one line, opposite each other.

For example, you want to add a new field -  'Salary Type' to the Job Search form, and it should appear under the 'Keywords' field.
Then in the quick_search.tpl you need to find the code of the 'Keywords' field; and below find the closest to this code </fieldset>

Under it you need to insert the code which defines the "Salary Type" field display and position:


<div class="quickSearchInputField">[[FormFieldCaptions!Salary Type]]    - here you need to insert the Caption of the field.

<br/>{search property=SalaryType}    - here you need to insert the ID of the field.


</fieldset>   - enclosing the field code with the <fieldset> ... </fieldset> means that this field will appear on the new separate line, under the 'Keywords' and 'Category' line,

like this:

Likewise any new field can be added to the Job Search form,
just make sure to insert the field Caption and ID correctly.
If you'are going to add fields of the types listed below,
there is an additional code that should be included also: for multilist type - template='list.tpl' for text type - template='string.tpl' This should be done so that the fields of such types would function correctly. This addition code should be entered to the end of the line
and separated with the space character, like shown below: <div class="quickSearchInputField">[[FormFieldCaptions!Employment Type]] <br/>{search property=EmploymentType template='list.tpl'}</div>

Place all Job Search form fields in one column

E.g. you want all fields on the Job Search form to be displayed in one column, under each other.

For that you need to edit the quick_search_tpl

There code of each field should be enclosed with the <fieldset> ... </fieldset>, like shown below:

<div class="quickSearchInputField">[[FormFieldCaptions!Keywords]]<br/>{search property=keywords}</div>

<div class="quickSearchInputField">[[FormFieldCaptions!Category]]<br/>{search property=JobCategory template='list.tpl'}</div>

<div class="quickSearchInputName">[[FormFieldCaptions!City]]<br/>{search property=City template=""}</div>

<div class="quickSearchInputField">[[FormFieldCaptions!State]]<br/>{search property=State}</div>

Then you will get the following result:

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