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Promotions allow you to offer discounts to users for certain products and services. Admin can pass to a user a newly created code and once user enters this secret code on front-end he receives a certain discount.

To access this feature you need to go to: Admin Panel > Billing > Promotions. On the newly opened page you will see the following:

You can enable of disable this feature on this page. Once disabled the promotions field will disappear from front-end.

Promotion Code – the name of the code;

Discount – discount value you give with this promotion;

Uses - this column indicates the number of times a promotion code was used. In case promotion code usage is limited there will be displayed the number of uses out of the general number of allowed uses. For example if Admin allowed a promotion code to be used 3 times and it was used 1 time already you will see 1/3 in this column which means that this promotion code was used one time out of three allowed.

Start Date – the date from which this code is active;

Expiry Date – the date after which this promotion will expire. If blank it will never expire;

Status – indicates whether a promotion is active or not and in case the promotion code has exceeded the usage limit it will show that it is 'Used';

Actions – in this section you can activate/deactivate, edit and delete existing promotions.

View Log - Press this button in case you need to check a detailed log of promotion code usage. Below you will find a detailed description of this function.

Adding a new promotion code

You can add a new Promotion code by clicking “Add a New Promotion Code” button. After you clicking you will be redirected to the following page:

Promotion Code – enter the code you would use for this promotion;

Discount – set up the discount value and select whether it would be a percentage type or fixed monetary sum;

Applies to – select a product(s) for which this code will be applied to;

Maximum Uses - indicate the limit of uses allowed for this code. Leave empty or zero for unlimited uses. In case promotion codes usage is limited users will not be able to apply a code after the limit is reached.

Start Date – enter the date from which this code would be active;

End Date – enter the date after which this promotion will expire;

Active – enable this function if you want a code to be active from the beginning;

Once you have set up the code click ‘Add’ and a new code will be added to the list of available promotions.

Promotions Log:

If you want to check detailed information on how a particular promotion code was used you can click 'View Log' button opposite a code and see its log:

On this page you will see the general information about this code, what users used the code, when it was used and what discount amount was provided:

On this page you will see:

  • General information about this code;
  • What users used the code;
  • To what products it was applied;
  • When it was used;
  • What discount amount was provided.

Note: You can also check even more detailed statistics on the Promotion Codes usage from the Promotions Usage section of Admin Panel reporting system.



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