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‘Products’ is the site’s billing system that provides an Admin with a range of tools to create a unique and flexible commercial model of the job board. Job Board Administrator can set up a number of different products for users with their own set of features and permissions. Each product would be assigned to a particular User Group so users of this group would be able to purchase this product and enjoy its benefits..

There are several types of products that can be created in the system:


  • Post Listings - This type of product allows users to purchase Job or Resume postings. Within this type of product you can allow the users to post either fixed number of listings or set up a volume-based model and allow the users to purchase as much listings as they need:
    1. Fixed Pricing – set up the fixed price for a certain amount of listings. Once paid this price a user will be able to post this amount of listings. You can also set up a Renewal Price for a listing that is expired and needs to be renewed.
    2. Volume Based Pricing – set up the pricing based on number of listings a user wants to purchase and offer discounts for higher volumes of listings. On frontend users will be able to choose a number of listings and get a total sum with discount. Users will also see in a table how much % they save in this transaction.
  • Access Listings - This type of product allows users to subscribe for access to the Resume or Job database. You can allow or deny the access to search forms, search results, listing details, contact details etc. The peculiarity of this type of product is that you can set up either one-time or recurring payment system:
    1. One-time payment – users will pay once for a product and after the set up period it will expire;
    1. Recurring Subscription – users will pay for this product on a recurring basis. Each time the selected period passes a user will be automatically billed for the next period;

  • Mixed Product - This type of product is a combination between posting listings and access to the database. Use it for creation of mixed offers for fixed price; No volume-based or recurring options are available in this type of product.
  • Featured Employer - Once employers purchase this product they become Featured ones and their logo gets displayed on the homepage. Users can either subscribe for this feature or make a one-time payment for a certain period; This type of product is only for Employer User Group and will not work for other User Groups.
  • Banners - The purpose of this type of product is to sell banner spaces on the website. Users can purchase banner space and place there a banner for a certain period. After that period the banner will be automatically removed from the website;
  • Custom Product - This type of product is for offering any additional services you need for fixed price or on subscription basis.

You can find more detailed instructions on setting up the products in the Products section of this User Manual.


Promotions allow you to offer discounts to users for certain products and services. Admin can pass to a user a newly created code and once user enters this secret code on front-end he receives a certain discount.

Promotions can be used in your advertising campaigns and for offering discounts to separate users.

It is possible to apply a promotion code to a particular product or apply it to any of the products. The discount can be offered in % and in $.

You can find more detailed instructions on setting up the Promotion Codes in the Promotions section of this User Manual.

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