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The "Postings" block of the Dashboard provides you with the information about all postings currently existing in the system (Resumes and Jobs - created and posted).

If you click on the "Postings" line (the title of the "Postings" block) the Manage Resumes Page will be opened, where you can see all Resumes and Jobs existing in the system currently and available actions to make.

The actions Administrator can make with Resumes and Jobs via Admin Panel  are described in the "Manage Resumes section of this Manual.

In the "Postings" block there are two sections Job and Resume.
In each of them you can see the number of postings created Today, This Week, This Month and the Totals.
Also each section displays how many of the created Jobs and Resumes are currently Active and Not Active.

If there are any listings in the system waiting to be approved by the administrator – it will be displayed in this block:

And clicking on the "Wating for approval" link you will be able to review these postings and then approve or reject them.

If there are any listings in the system that were flagged by users – it will be displayed in this block as well.

Click on the "Flagged" link to review and manage the flagged listings - you will be redirected to the Flagged Listings page of the Admin Panel.

Clicking on any underlined number in the "Postings" block will redirect you to the Manage Resumes page where the details of these postings will be displayed.
For example, review not active Jobs Totals:


If you create a new listing type in the system (e.g. "Tender")  it will be automatically added to the "Postings" block as well:

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