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Posting Page(s) - is a page (pages) containing fields which users need to fill in to post their Job or Resume on the site.

Job/Resume Posting process can be divided into several pages or include only one page - you can set it the way you need. Also Admin can specify on which pages and in which order listing fields will be displayed.

By default Resume posting is divided into 3 pages and Job posting includes one page.

For users Posting divided into several pages will look, like several steps they need to make to post their Job or Resume:

To set Posting Pages go to your Admin Panel >> Listing Configuration >> Listing Types >> press the Posting Pages button (opposite the needed listing type in the table), e.g. Resume Posting Pages:

"Edit Resume Posting Pages" page will be opened. There you will see the existing Resume posting pages displayed in the tabular format:

Adding a New Posting Page

To add a new posting page (e.g. for Resume), click on the "Add a New Posting Page" link at the top of the page:

"Add a New Posting Page" form will be displayed:

There you need to specify the following parameters:

  • Page ID - enter a desired ID for a posting page, make sure to not use space character. This is a system value and will not be visible for users;
  • Page Name - enter a name for this posting page. It will be displayed at the top of a front-end page as a page Title;
  • Page Description - (optional) you can specify a description for this posting page. It will be displayed under the Page Name value.

Then press the "Add" button to complete adding a new posting page. You will be redirected back to the "Edit Resume Posting Pages" page where the newly created page will appear in the table.

Editing Posting Pages

To change an order Posting pages will be displayed for users - use the red and green pointers in the 'Actions' column of the Posting Pages table:

To edit a certain Posting page parameters and field this page includes you need to press the "Edit" button opposite this Posting page in the table, e.g. edit 'General Information' Posting page:


On the top of the opened page you will see the "Posting Page Info" form, where you can change  Name and Description of this Posting Page:

To add fields to this Posting page - use the <span id="add_posting_fields">"Add Posting Page Fields"</span> form:

This form contains all fields that can be added to the Posting page you're editing.
If a field is marked with orange color, like on the picture above - that informs you that these fields are already added to

some page (i.e. to another Posting page of this listing type or to the posting page you're editing).
If you select such field and press the "Add" button - it will be added to this posting page and removed from the one it used to be added to.

Fields that are not added to any page yet - will not be marked with any color:

And below that form you can see the table containing all fields that were added to this Posting Page:

To change order the fields will be displayed to users - use the red (to move down) and green (to move up) pointers.

To move a certain field to another Posting page of this listing type, press the "Move to" button opposite this field in the table. The following dialog box will be opened:

There you need to select a Posting page to move this field to and press the "Save" button. The field will be moved and appear in the Fields table of that particular Posting Page.

To remove a certain field from this posting page and not add it to another page - press the "Remove" button opposite this field in the table. This field will be removed from this Posting page.
I.e. this field will remain in the system but will not be displayed on the front-end post Job/Resume form.
Later you can add this field to one of the Posting pages any time you need using the "Add Posting Fields" form where this field will not be marked with any color, since not added to any of the Posting pages.

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