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Below you can find the instructions to install PhpBB on your server.

PhpBB Installation

1. If SmartJobBoard software is located in the subfolder on your server, then the PhpBB forum should be located in that subfolder too.

2. Copy the auth_sjb.php file from the 3rd party/phpBBIntegration/phpBB/includes/auth to the /YourForum/includes/auth.

3. Sign in to the forum Admin Panel and got to GENERAL > Client communication > Authentication. Choose “Sjb” in the "Select an authentication method:". Press the “Save”.

4. Sign in to the SmartJobBoard Admin Panel and go to System Configuration > Plugins > PhpBBBridgePlugin (click on the Settings link).
You will see the following form displayed:

There you need to specify the path to the PhpBB forum in the 'PhpBB Path' field (e.g. /forum)

5. Copy the Install folder from the 3rd party/phpBBIntegration/phpBB/ to the forum folder and launch the install.php file.

6. Then delete Install folder.

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