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News module allows Admin creating and managing News and News Categories via Admin Panel.

Go to Admin Panel  > Layout and Content  > News.
On the top of the opened page you will see the "News Display" form:

Display News Block - use this option for switching the News block on/off on the front-end. Thus you can disable it, e.g. when there are no News at the moment or you're editing a News; and enable it again once needed;

Number of News to Display on Homepage - you can set the number of News to be displayed on the front-end;

Display Mode - define the way news will be displayed in the News block, i.e. all active news in rotation or a preset number of latest active news;

In the front-end homepage News Block there will be displayed: news titles, dates when they were posted and short news descriptions:

Clicking on the 'View All News' link users will see the page with all news displayed, where they also will be able to view news of a particular category. Clicking on a News title or 'read more' link they can see a full news.

News Categories

If you need to add a new News Category use the "Add a New Category" form:

There you need to insert the desired name for a Category and press the "Add" button.
The newly created Category will appear in the table below:

You can create as many news categories as needed.

Press the "Edit" button to change the name of a category - there will be the same form displayed as the one used to create a category.

To delete a needless category press the "Delete" button.


If a category you're going to delete contains news articles, they will be deleted as well.

Use the red and green pointers to change the order categories will be displayed in the News Categories block on the page where all News are displayed.

Adding a News

Every news belongs to one of the existing categories. To create a news press the "Edit" button opposite the category this news should belong to.
On the top of the opened page you will see the "Edit Category" form where you can change a name of that category.
Above that form there is an "Add News" link:

Click on this link to get the Add News form displayed, where you can specify details of your news:

Title - enter the desired title of a news;
Language - select the language this news will be displayed for;
Brief Text - enter a brief description of your news, it will be displayed in the homepage news block and an all news page;
Full Text - here you need to enter a full text of your news article, you can also add images and desired formatting;
Keywords - enter keywords metatags for this particular news;
Description - specify a desired description metatags for the news;
Redirect URL- if full news article is located on other web source you can enter its URL to this field. Then users will be redirected to this page to view this news.
Publication Date - by default this field is prefilled with the current date - which means that the news will be published on your site immediately after being created. If you want it to be published later, you can select another date.
Expiration Date - the date when your news will be automatically deactivated and removed from the front-end. You can leave this field empty - then the news will never be deactivated automatically and you can deactivate it manually when needed.

Then press the "Add" button to complete creating a news. You will be redirected back to the Edit Category page, where the newly created news will appear in the news table.

Editing News

If you need to activate, deactivate or delete any news use the appropriate buttons above the news table:

To edit a news press the "Edit" button opposite this news in the table. The "Edit Article" form will be opened. It is the same form as the one used for creating a news.
There you can edit details of a news, modify its expiration date, etc.

To move news to another Category use the "Move to Category" option located at the bottom of the "Edit Article" form.

After editing the news details press the "Update" button to save these changes.


If there are not active news that you don't want to completely delete, you can archive them.
For that select that news checking the box next to it and press the "Archive" button located above the news table:

The news will be removed from a category it belonged to and moved to Archive. If that news was active it will be deactivated and removed from the front-end.
To view news moved to Archive, go to the News Categories page and click on the "View Archive" link located under the Categories table:

On the opened page you will see all archived news displayed in the tabular format:

To delete one news press the "Delete" button opposite it in the table.
To delete two or more news at once select them checking the boxes and press the "Delete" button located over the table.

If you want to restore a news from archive you need to press the "Edit" button opposite this new in the table.
The "Edit Article" form will be opened. At the bottom of this form you will see the "Move to Category" option:

Simply select a Category for this news to be restored to.


The restored news will be not active by default, you can manually activated it if needed.

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