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My Account is the page is accessible only for registered and signed in users.
System will automatically redirect the user to My Account page after he signed in.

Employer and Job Seeker My Account pages contain menu items appropriate for these User Groups.

Employer My Account

Job Seeker My Account

Also Job Seeker's My Account page includes "Recently viewed jobs" and "Suggested jobs" blocks:

Note: click on the following links to get more information about "Recently Viewed Jobs" and "Suggested Jobs" functions.

So there are two My Account templates in the system:
1) For Employers – my_account_employer.tpl

2) Job Seekers – my_account_job_seeker.tpl

The path is:
Admin Panel > Layout and Content > System Templates > Menu > my_account_employer.tpl and my_account_job_seeker.tpl

How to remove a certain menu item from My Account

All menu items display is defined in the templates code the following way:


     <div class="myAccountLinks">
     <img src="{image}account/PICTURE.png" alt=""/> <a href="{$GLOBALS.site_url}/LINK">[[LINK NAME]]</a>


     <div class="myAccountLinks">

      - This part of the code activates the menu display

     <img src="{image}account/PICTURE.png" alt=""/>     - This is the image of the menu item icon.

Menu item image can be changed. For that you need to upload the needed image file to the:

FTP > templates > Theme name > main > images > account


Note: Make sure to specify the name of the uploaded image file in the template, like shown above.
Or you can upload the image file having the equal name with the one you want to be replaced.

<a href="{$GLOBALS.site_url}/LINK">[[LINK NAME]]</a> - The link itself and the description / link name.

E.g. you want the “Resume Alerts” menu item to not be available for Employers. So you need to hide it, make not accessible on My Account page.

For that in the my_account_employer.tpl you need to find the following part of the code:


     <div class="myAccountLinks">
     <img src="{image}account/resume_alerts_ico.png" alt=""/> <a href="{$GLOBALS.site_url}/resume_alerts">[[Resume Alerts]]</a>

Then to remove this menu item you need to delete the foregoing part of the code.

Note: You can also ‘hide’ the menu item to make it not accessible for users (e.g. in a case you want it to be not available temporarily). For that you need to comment-out the mentioned above part of the code,
like shown below:


menu item Code


How to add new menu item to My Account

To add a new menu item to My Account use the sample code block given below:


     <div class="myAccountLinks">
     <img src="{image}account/PICTURE.png" alt=""/> <a href="{$GLOBALS.site_url}/LINK">[[LINK NAME]]</a>

You need to specify the correct image file name and link details
and insert this code to the my_account_employer.tpl or my_account_job_seeker.tpl.


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