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Mobile Plugin installation:

To install Mobile Plugin you need to download Mobile Version zip archive from your Client Area.

In the archive that you have downloaded you will see 2 folders: "system" and "templates".

You need to go into the "templates" folder and you will see "mobile" folder.

Copy it into the "templates" folder on your server.

The same is for "system" folder - inside it you will see "plugins" folder and inside it - "mobile", you need to copy it into system/plugins folder on your server.

Then you will need to create a sub domain on your server. For example:

After this you need to go to Admin Panel >> System Configuration >> Plugins >> MobilePlugin and in the URL field you need to specify your sub domain: and press "Save".


Mobile Plugin settings:

Mobile version url - enter a url for your mobile version;

Automatically detect mobile device and switch to mobile version - tick this settings if you wish a user's mobile device to detect a mobile version of your website and automatically switch to it onc a user visits your homepage from a mobile device.

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