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Using “Mass Mailing” function administrator can create mailings and newsletters and send them to all users or selected user groups.

To get to the “Mass Mailing” page you need to go to Admin Panel > Users > Mass Mailing page.
On the top of the opened page you will see the “Saved Mailings” table. This table displays all the mailings currently existing in the system:

  • Subject – the subject of the mailings;
  • Number of users – the number of users who should receive this particular mailing;
  • Actions – the actions you can make with this mailing (they will be described further);
  • Undelivered emails – the number of addressee this mailing could not be delivered to for some reasons. If there are any undelivered emails the “Send to undelivered emails” link will appear. You can click on this link and system will try to send the mailing to these addressees again.
  • Сheckboxes near each mailing– enables admin to send, test send or delete several selected mailings. Select needed mailings and choose an action from the “Actions with Selected” box.

Creating New Mailing

Under the “Saved Mailing” table you can see the “Create New Mailing section” where you can create the new mailing:

Use the above form to select the needed criteria for recipients of this particular mailing.

  • Subject – enter the desired ‘Subject’ of the mailing;
  • File – press the “Browse” button to indicate the file to be attached to the mailing;
  • Text– type or paste the text of the mailing into this wide text field. And edit it the way you need using the WYSIWYG editor.

To paste the text from MS Word use the “Paste from Word” function of the editor, like shown on the picture below:

Once the text of your mailing is ready you need to press the “Save Mailing” button. The newly created mailing will be saved and will appear in the “Saved Mailings” table on the Mass Mailing page.

Actions with mailings

In the “Saved Mailings” table there is the “Actions” column which contains the actions you can make with your mailings:

To Delete a needless mailing you need to click on the “Delete” icon opposite this particular mailing.

To Send a mailing - click on the “Send” icon opposite this mailing.

Mailing will be sent only to users who haven’t checked “Don’t send mailings" check box in their profile pages.

To Edit any of the existing mailings you need to click on the “Edit” icon opposite the mailing.
On the opened “Edit Mailing” page you will see the same fields "Creating New Mailing page" has which were described earlier.

To get back to the Mass Mailing page after finishing editing a certain mailing you can use the navigation line on the top of the page:

If you click on the Test Send link the system will send this particular mailing to the Test Email address (which is the one you specified in Notifications section of the System Settings).
You can use this function to make the test sending of a particular mailing to your test email address first, e.g. to check its work and see it the way your users will see it when received.

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