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On the Manage Employers page of the Admin Panel you can manage Employer accounts and details.

To get to this page go to Admin Panel > Users > Manage Employers page.

On the opened page you will see all Employers registered in the system displayed in the tabular format:                    

Adding a New Employer

To add a new Employer via Admin Panel you need to click on the "Add a New Employer" link located on the top of the Employers page.


There will be the "Add a New Employer" form opened where you need to specify the details of this Employer.

Once finished, press the "Add" buttom to complete adding a new Employer to the system.
The newly created Employer will appear in the table on the Employers page where you can make the further actions with this Employer if needed.

Editing Employer Details

To edit details of a certain Employer, press the "Edit" button opposite this particular Employer in the table. You will see the following page opened:

In the "User Info" form you can edit the information this Employer specified about himself.

Making an Employer Featured

Administrator can manually make a certain Employer featured. Then the logo uploaded by this particular Employer will be displayed on the homepage in the Featured Companies section

To make an Employer to be featured - click on the "Edit" icon opposite this particular Employer in the Manage Employers table.
In the opened "User Info" form check the "Featured" box. Then this Employer will become featured and his logo will be displayed in the Featured Companies block on the homepage.



Only users belonging to the 'Employer' User Group can be made Featured Employers in the system.



Managing Employer's Applications

Also you can manage the Applications of this particular Employer. For that you need to click on the Manage Applications link on the top of the page.
Employer’s “Manage Applications” page displays the information about application this particular Employer has received for the jobs he posted, details of these jobs and statuses of the applications.

Clicking on the underlined column titles you can sort the displayed details by one of these criteria.

To see the details of a Job a certain application was sent for you need to click on the appropriate Job Title. The details of this Job will be shown on the opened Display Listing page.
And if you click on the ‘Attached Resume’ link you will see the Resume of the Job Seeker sent this application.

Also administrator can ‘Approve’ or ‘Reject’ a certain application or more than one at once. For that you need to select the needed applications checking the boxes and then press on “Approve selected” button (to approve the applications) or press the “Reject selected” button (to reject the applications).

You can delete one or more applications if needed. For the select them first checking the boxes and then press the red “Delete selected” button.

To select/unselect all the applications you can check the box located near the “Date applied” column title.


Manage Employer's Products

On the "Manage User Products" page you can see all products this Employer has bought, remove and add them.

Once you press on "Add a new product" button following diolog box will open:

Select the product you would like to add and press "Add" button.



More information about adding products can be found on the Products  page of the manual



Manage Employer's Personal Messages

On the “Edit User Info” page you can also see the “Manage Personal Messages” link.

Users of the software can send private messages to each other using the “Private Messages” system (if that is allowed by their permissions).

Admin can review all correspondence and delete any of the messages sent by users to each other. If you click on the “Manage Personal messages” the following page will be opened:

As you can see there are Inbox and Outbox folders displayed. They contain received and sent messages of this particular user. Also you can see the number of messages each folder has.
If you click on the “Edit” icon opposite (e.g. opposite the “Outbox” folder) you will see the following details displayed in the tabular format:

You can review any of the messages contained in the folder clicking on their titles.

Also you can delete one or more messages if needed. For that select the messages checking the boxes and then press the “Delete” button on the right bottom corner of the table.
To select all messages and delete them at once you need to check the box located opposite the “Date” column title.

View Employer's Permissions

Clicking on the "View Permissions" link you will be able to review the permissions currently actual for this particular Employer:




Permissions of each Employer are taken from User Group permissions settings and permissions of the Product(s) this particular Employer is currently subscribed to.

On "View Permissions" page you can only review all user's permissions, but can't modify them here.




To get back to the Manage Employers page - use the navigation line on the top of the page.

Modify Product expiration date

If needed Admin can change Product expiration date for a certain Employer.
For that you need to click on the number of Products opposite to needed user

There will be a dialog box opened where you'll be able to modify the expiration date of selected product.


After selecting the date, press the "Save" button to save the changes you made ( the button will appear once the date is selected and calendar closes).


Deleting Employers

Administrator can delete any Employer(s) from the system.



Deleted Employer will be deleted from the database as well and can not be restored.




To delete one or more Employers you need to select these Employers first checking the appropriate boxes and then press the “Delete” button located over or under the table.

The same way to make any other Actions with several Employers at once - you need to select them first checking the boxes and then select the action from the "Actions with Selected" drop-down list.

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