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MailChimp is a third party email marketing service software. You can find more information about what MailChimp is at

MailChimp Plug-in in SmartJobBoard software enables site visitors to subscribe to newsletters created by the admin of the site on MailChimp platform.

Note: In standard SmartJobBoard package this plug-in is disabled.

To make settings for the MailChimp plug-in go to Admin Panel >> System Configuration >> Plugins >> MailChimp Plug-in Settings.

On the opened page you will see the following form:


Automatically subscribe new registered users - check this checkox if you would like new registered users to be added to your list's subscribers at MailChimp automatically

API Key- to get the API Key and list ID please follow given instructions. Register at and then proceed to

List ID - to get List ID go to MailChimp Account>Lists> List Settings> List settings & Unique ID

Note:To find out how MailChimp works, what "List" and "List ID" are 
and how you can edit them, please visit

If the MailChimp Plug-in is set correctly and activated users of you site will see a “Newsletter” block on your homepage.

Once user subscribes to the newsletter (or if  "Automatically subsribe new users" feature is enables), you will be able to see this user in your MailChimp Account> List> View> Subsribers.

To change the design of the “Newsletter” block please go to admin panel>> layout and content>>system templates>>miscellaneous>>edit “mailchimp_subscribe.tpl”

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