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Usually Logo is one of the first front-end component customers want to replace with their own logo. SmartJobBoard software supports any graphic formats to be uploaded as a logo.

Logo can be easily uploaded via Admin Panel.

Once you're logged in to the software Admin Panel you can see the Dashboard page.
At the bottom of the Dashboard page you can see the Quick Links section, which contains Upload Your Logo link.

Clicking on this link you will be redirected to the Upload Logo page where you can see the current logo and replace it with desired one:

On the top of the page you can see the Theme specified for which the logo will be uploaded.

Note: If you want to upload logo for another Theme you need to make that Theme to be the current one first.
To make a Theme current you need to go to Admin Panel >Layout and Content > Themes page.
There you can make the needed Theme current press the “Make Current” button opposite the Theme.

More information about software Themes and available actions you can find in the Themes sections of the Manual.

To upload your logo press the “Browse” button, indicate the needed logo-file and and then press the “Upload” button.

The newly uploaded logo will be displayed on the front-end instead of the old one. To review the new logo you can open any front-end page or 'refresh' a front-end page if already opened using the F5 key.


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