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Listing Types

Listing Type – defines the specific of a listing in the system.

All listings posted by users or imported via Admin Panel belong to one of the existing software Listing Types.
Each Listing Type has specific characteristics and listing fields.

There are two default Listing Types in the software  Job and Resume.
Administrator has the opportunity to create another Listing Type(s) if needed (for example “Tender”) and set the appropriate parameters for the new Listing Type according to its purpose.

As well as he can change the parameters and fields of the existing Listing Types.

Note: More information about software Listing Types and instructions to work with them you can find in the "Listings Types" section of the present Manual.
To see all Listing Types currently existing in the system, go to your Admin Panel -> Listing Types.

Listing Fields

Listing Fields – the fields users need to fill in to specify the details of Job / Resume they're going to post (like: Employment Type, Job Description, Salary, Desired Salary, Work Experience, Job Requirements, Education, etc).

These fields are also used on the job/resume search forms, which allow users to specify the needed search criteria.

The default Listing Types (Job and Resume) are provided with a set of Listing fields specific for them.

If needed Administrator can edit any of those listing fields, delete needless ones or add new listing fields for Job or Resumes.


Note: Instructions to make the listed above actions you can find in the "Listing Types" section of the Manual.
Every field in the system belongs to one of the available Field Types that represent the way data will be entered, stored and displayed to the users. The descriptions of all system field types you can find in the "Field Types Reference" section of the Manual.


  • Common Fields - these fields are common for all listing types; and aimed to display the common characteristics of all listing types.(Title, Occupations, Country, State, Job Category)

So there are two kinds of Listing Fields in the system - those which are common for all Listing Types (for both Job and Resume) and those which are specific and can be used only for particular Listing Type.
Thus 'Job Category' listing field will be common for the both listing types, the listing field 'Desired Salary' will be specific for the listing type 'Resume'.

Note: for more information, see “Common Fields” section of the Manual.
To see the full list of the Common fields currently existing in the system, go to your Admin Panel -> Common Fields page.

Posting Pages

Posting Page(s) - is a page (pages) containing fields which users need to fill in to post their Job or Resume on the site.

Job/Resume Posting process can be divided into several pages or include only one page - you can set it the way you need. Also Admin can specify on which pages and in which order listing fields will be displayed.

By default Resume posting is divided into 3 pages and Job posting includes one page.

Admin can add as many posting pages as needed. Just there should be at least one posting page for every listing type, therefore Admin can delete all posting pages except the last one that is left.
Posting Pages names, descriptions, order, fields contained, fields order - it all can be set the way you need.

Note: instructions for setting Posting Pages you can find  here.

Manage Listings

Administrator has an opportunity to manage all listings created in the system:
review and edit the information posted in a listing, delete listings, manually create new listings, import listings to the system and export them.

Note: All mentioned above actions are described in the "Listing Management" section of the Manual.

Not all Users in the system are able to post Listings (Job / Resume). Only Users subscribed to a Membership Plan which allows posting Jobs / Resumes.

Users from the “Guest” User Group can not post listings either, unless registered / signed in and purchased a Product that allows doing so.


Note: more detailed information about the way Products work see in the "Products and Promotions" section of “How SmartJobBoard software works” unit.

To see the instructions how to create and set Products, visit the "Products" section of “Admin Panel” Manual unit.

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