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There are two default Listing Types provided within the software – Job and Resume.
On the Listing Types page you can create a new listing type, edit or delete existing ones.
To get to this page you need to go to Admin Panel > Listing Configuration > Listing Types.

Be careful when deleting or changing default listing types IDs (Job or Resume). The system is configured to use these listing types IDs, and this may cause incorrect system work.

We recommend you to change (if needed) the Caption value of a Listing Type instead of the ID value since the Caption value is visible for users on the front-end, and ID is a system value.


To view listing types currently available in the system click on the ‘Listing Types’ item in the ‘Listing Configuration’ section of the left administration menu.
You will see the following page opened:

Information about Job/Resume Posting Pages and instructions how to set them you can find in the "Posting Pages" section of this Manual.

Adding a New Listing Type

On this page you can add a new listing type by clicking on the “Add a New Listing Type” link.
You will see the "Add a New Listing Type" form opened:

Set the following parameters:

  • ID - Enter desired Listing type ID, make sure to not use spaces;
  • Name – the unique listing type name (mandatory parameter). It will be visible for users;
  • Approve Postings by Admin - you need to enable this setting checking the box if you want that postings of this type would be approved by admin first, and only after that appear on the site;
  • Enable Brief/Detailed Search Results option - if this setting is enabled, users will be allowed switching between brief and detailed mode when viewing job/resume search results.

To complete creating the new listing type, click on the ‘Add’ button.The new listing type will appear in the ‘Listing Type’ table.

Editing a Listing Type

Click on the “Edit” icon next to a certain listing type (e.g. edit job listing type).
On the opened "Edit Listing Type Info" page you will see this form:

In this form you can edit the Job listing type info.


IDs of system Listing Types (Job and Resume) can not be edited because if they are changed the system wll not function properly. However IDs of additional Listing Types created by an Admin can be edited easily.


Also on the ‘Edit Listing Type Info’ page you can edit or delete the existing listing fields for this listing type and add the new listing fields. These fields will be available only for this particular listing type.

Adding a New Listing Field

Click on the ‘Add a New Listing Field’ link and the ‘Add Listing Field’ form will be opened.


In this form you need to set the parameters described below:

  • ID – the unique listing field ID (mandatory parameter). This is the system field and you need to make sure to not use space character.
  • Caption – the unique listing field name (mandatory parameter) this name will be visible for users;
  • Type – select type for a field (more detailed information about field types you can find in the Field Types Reference section);
  • Required- this flag means that the listing field is required to be filled in by users. If you want to make filling in the field optional for users - leave "Required" flag unchecked.


If you're adding a field for a Listing type (job/resume) that has more than one Posting page -there will also be an option to select a Posting page the newly created field should be added to,  or you can select to not add it to any page adn do it manually later:

More information about Posting Pages and instructions to set them
you can find in the "Postings Pages" section of the Manual.

Then press the ‘Add’ button to save the new listing field.
The new listing field will be saved and you will be automatically redirected to the “Listing Field Added” page, where you will find this information:

“The field you created will be automatically added to the Resume posting form.

It will be also added to the list of inactive fields of the Form Builder for search and display pages.

If you want this field to display on the search form and listing details page please use Form Builder and drag the new field to the place you need:


Below this text information you will find list of forms where you can add a new field using a Form Builder.

For example, if you add a new field  called "Float Test" to "Resume" listing type you will get a following page:

Once you click on "Edit" near the Resume Search form you will get a form builder for this page where you can drag the new field to the place you need:


After you finished you can use the navigation line on the top of the page to get back to the Edit Job Listing Type page.

You can find more information on how "Form Builder" works at  Form Builder page of this manual.

Editing Listing Fields

For example let's review editing Job listing fields.
Under the "Edit Listing Type Info”  block  on the "Edit Job Listing Type" page you can see the table containing all existing listing fields of the Job Listing Type.

Opposite each Job listing fields you can see the “Template Instructions” link. Clicking on this link will redirect you to the Template Instructions page. There you can see the forms and pages counted where this particular field can be added and instructions how to make that.

If there are any needless Job Listing fields you can delete them pressing the “Delete” button opposite an item you want to be deleted.

To edit any of these Job Listing Fields, press the “Edit” button opposite the field you want to edit. For example edit 'Salary' field:

Fields of different types have additional parameters and settings.
Default Value and then 'Salary' field will be prefilled with this value by default and user will be able to change it.

More information about field types and their parameters you can find in the Field Types Reference section.

Also at the bottom of the form you can see the Infill Instructions text box. You can enter any needed text to this box and it will be displayed for users when they fill in this field.
E.g. you can specify there some instructions for filling in a field, recomendations, examples, etc. For example if on the page above you enter "Enter a salary amount and select the currency text" into the "Infill instructions" box,  for users it will look the following way:


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