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Fields of ‘List’ type contain a certain number of values from which users are able to select only one.

‘List’ type fields will be represented as drop-down lists on the front-end for users.

For example “Salary Type” field:

To edit a field of ‘list’ type you need to click on the “Edit” icon opposite this field in the Admin Panel.
E.g. to edit “Salary Type” field you need to go to Listing Configuration > Listing Types > Job > Listing Fields > Salary Type > "Edit" icon. This "Salary Type" field is used for job listings only.

On the opened page, where you can edit 'list' type field, there will be the form to modify the ‘list’ type field parameters and select/enter the default value to be set for this particular field.


Note: In case you are editing a User Profile field - you can select the desired default value for the list of values of this field.

But if a field you are editing is a Listing field (like in the example above) - then you can either select the value from the fields' values list or select one of the User Profile fields to be used as a default value.


Once the changes are done - press the "Save" button. Use the "Apply" button to save the changes and remain on the current page. 

If you need to edit the values of a ‘list’ type field - click on the “Edit List Values” link located above the Edit field info form:

There will be the following page opened:

There you can add new value(s), delete needless ones, edit existing ones and change the order list values will be displayed for users.


Display 'List' type field as list or radio buttons on front-end

You can set up the 'List' type filed to be displayed on front-end as standard drop-down list (as shown above) or as radio buttons.

For this you need to use the following 'Display as' setting :


You can select whether your filed will be displayed as standard drop-down or as radio buttons.

In case 'Radio Buttons' option is selected this filed will be displayed on front-end like this:



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