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To set the Linkedin social network options go to Admin Panel -> System Configuration -> Social Media > Linkedin.

In 'Linkedin' section of Admin Panel you can set up:

  • Linkedin Connect - to allow job board users to register and login via this social network and resume autofilling for job seekers.
  • Job Posting on Linkedin - automatic posting of job board jobs to your Linkedin accounts and option to allow/deny posting of jobs to Linkedin for users.


Note: In order to enable Linkedin Connect and post jobs on Linkedin you need to have an account on The exported jobs will be posted on Linkedin on behalf of this account.


Below you can find the detailed description of each option:

Linkedin Connect

You can set up Linkedin Connect from the first tab of 'Linkedin' section:

Linkedin API Key and Linkedin Secret Key - follow the instructions on "Getting Linkedin Credentials" to get your own API Key and Secret Key and then paste them to these fields;

User Group - select Users Group(s) which users should be able to use Linkedin connect option;

Allow Resume auto filling/synchronizing for Job Seekers - check this box to allow job seekers autofilling/synchronizing their resumes with Linkedin profile;

Allow Job Seekers to share Jobs on Linkedin - enable this option if you want job seekers to be able to share certain jobs in their Linkedin status.

Display "Member Profile" widget in User Info Block- enable this option to allow job seekers displaying their brief info and a link to LinkedIn profile in User Info block on a resume details page;

Display "Company Insider" widget in Company Profile page - enable this option to allow employers displaying Company Insider Widget in the “Company Profile” page;

Display "Company Profile" widget in Company Info block  - enable this option to allow employers displaying Company Profile Widget on a job details page in the “Company Info” block;


Make sure to press the "Save" button under the form to save the settings you made.


To see the description of the way Linkedin Connect works for users, click here


Getting Linkedin Credentials

To get the LinkedIn API Key and Secret Key, go to, sign in and Add a New Application:

Fill in the application form:


IMPORTANT: Do not forget to indicate your Redirect URL (your website URL) in the following fields (otherwise it will not work):

See an example:


Press save and you will be given the API Key and Secret Key:


You need to insert the credentials in the appropriate fields in Admin Panel:


Once all the credentials are inserted press 'Apply' or 'Save' button.


Now your Linkedin Connect is ready to function.

Job Posting on Linkedin

You can set up automatic job posting on your Linkedin account and regulate a possibility for users to post jobs on Linkedin from the second tab of 'Linkedin' section:

Enable job sharing for users - enable this setting in case you want to allow users to post job on Linkedin after a job is posted on your job board. This setting regulates whether a button allowing to post jobs on Linkedin will be available for users after job posting on your job board.


Please note that posting to Social networks for users is also regulated by permissions of User Groups and Products. To allow all users to post jobs on Linkedin you need to allow this permission in User Group permissions. In case you want to allow job posting on Linkedin only for users who purchased a certain product you need to deny "Post Jobs on Social Networks" permission for a User Group and allow it for this certain product.


Adding new feed

To set up automatic posting click Add New Job Feed button to create new feed. Once you click Add New Job Feed you will see a new page opened where you can set it up:

Linkedin Account - click 'Authorize' button to authorize your Linkedin account on which you are planning to set up job posting. In the popup login to Linkedin and provide necessary permissions.

Feed Name - indicate the name of your feed to differentiate it from other feeds.

Under the following section you need to specify the criteria for the jobs that should be exported to Linkedin:

And the bottom section is the "Posting Settings", where you need to set the parameters for posting to Linkedin:

Update every __ listings - once this number of listings (e.g. 5) meeting the specified filter criteria found in the system - they will be posted to Linkedin.
If the number of listings meeting the criteria is less then 5, e.g. 3 - then they will not be posted to Linkedin, untill there will be 5 listings;

Posting Limit __ per day - Here you can limit the number of postings to be posted on Linkedin per day.

Post template - the template of the posting on Linkedin, by deafult it is: {$user.CompanyName}: {$listing.Title} ({$listing.Location.City}, {$listing.Location.State})
If you want any of the listed at the bottom of the page fields to be included in the Linkedin post you need to copy its code and paste to the "Post Template" field.

Then press the "Add" button to complete. The newly created feed will appear in the table on the "Post Jobs on Linkedin" tab:

Allow Application to Post on Linkedin

When you create your feed and authorize on Linkedin you are giving a permission for posting and updating your data on Linkedin.

However permission to access Linkedin account can be also granted manually, for that use the "Grant Permission" link located opposite the feed you created. This is needed when your access token on Linkedin expires and there is a need to grant permission for it again.

Posting to Linkedin

Posting to Linkedin can be done either automatically or manually.

Posting automatically

To make the system to post to Linkedin automatically you need to configure CRON to run the script given to you on the top of the "Post Jobs on Linkedin" page.

You also need to make the feed active to make sure it runs according to CRON regularly. For that please turn on the bulb in 'Status' column:



 Note that instructions for configuring CRON you can find on the Task Scheduler page of your Admin Panel
 (Admin Panel -> System Configuratoin -> Task Scheduler)


Running Manually

You can also run the script to post to Linkedin manually at any time. For that you need to press the "Run" button:

The system will check if there are any listings meeting the criteria you specified in the Filter Criteia.
If there are any (e.g. 3) you will see the following message:

Then you need to press the "Ok" button in in order to post these Jobs on Linkedin right now.
The system will immediatelly post the job and display the following message:


That's it! You may close this dialog box.

Then you can check your Linkedin account and see updates there.

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