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LinkedIn Connect feature allows users registering / logging in to a job board using LinkedIn account, auto filling and synchronizing resumes, displaying Company Insider and User Profile Widgets, sharing jobs/resumes on LinkedIn, displaying LinkedIn People Search results with regular resume search results.

Note: LinkedIn Plug-in is not included in the standard software package and provided as an add-on for an additional cost. For more information, click here.

Register / log in using account on LinkedIn

Users can register on your job board using their account on LinkedIn, which significantly simplifies the registration process. Users will not be required to fill in all registration fields, but only enter data to a few required fields. All other fields will be prefilled from LinkedIn profile.

To register on the job board using their LinkedIn profile users need to click on the "LinkedIn" icon on the top of any front-end page:


Or they may go to the registration page and there click on the "LinkedIn" icon, after choosing a desired user group:


The following page will be displayed and users will be asked to grant access to their LinkedIn account:


They just need to enter Email and Password of their LInkedIn account and press the "Ok, I'll Allow It" button at the bottom of the form.


Then users will be redirected back to the job board to complete the registration:


Once the registration is complete users will receive an email with a new account registration notification containing their username and generated password which users can further use to log in to the job board.

Or users can log in using the "LinkedIn connect" icon at the top of the job board pages or on the Sign In page:


Auto filling synchronizing resume

Job seekers can auto-fill their resumes from their LinkedIn profile to speed up resume creation. For that they need to click on the "Auto-fill resume from my linkedin profile" link when posting their Resume:


Then fields on the Post Resume page on the job board will be automatically filled with data from their profile on LinkedIn.

Note: if Resume posting on your job board is divided into several pages, users will need to click on the "auto-fill resume" link on each page in order to have fields of all pages filled with data from facebook profile.

More over job seekers can synchronize their resume with LinkedIn, in this case the system will periodically update their resume from LinkedIn.
To enable this option they just need to check the "Periodically synchronize my resume with my linkedin profile" box on the Post Resume page:


Company Insider Widget

The Company Insider Widget is displayed on a job details page in the “Company Info” block. It displays a list of user connections who work in this company, and a link to a company profile page on LinkedIn:


There might be no connections at the moment. And if you already 'follow' a certain company there will be an option to 'stop following' it:


User Profile Widget

Job seeker brief info and a link to LinkedIn profile is displayed in the User Info block on a resume details page:


Share jobs/resumes on LinkedIn

A link to a shared job/resume will be displayed in the status of LinkedIn user:


To share a certain job/resume users need to use the LinkedIn icon located below job/resume details section:


There will be the following page opened, users need to press the "Share" button:


There should be the following message confirming that you've successfully shared this particular link:

LinkedIn People Search Results

If this setting is turned on, Employers will have the option to include LinkedIn people search results into regular Resume search results.

To do that employers need to check the "Search LIinkedIn" box on the Search Resumes form when setting criteria for a search:


Note: the description of the LinkedIn Plugin settings you can find here



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