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To modify the design of the Latest Jobs block - you need to edit the latest_listings.tpl

(Layout and Contest -> System Templates -> classifieds -> latest_listings.tpl)

Change number or rows / columns

To change the number of columns / rows you need to edit the main.tpl
(Layout and Contest -> System Templates -> Main -> main.tpl)

Note: the number of columns can be changed for all Themes except the “Intelligent View” Theme.

In the main.tpl you need to find the following part of the code:

{module name="classifieds" function="latest_listings" number_of_cols="4" items_count="4" listing_type="Job"}

To change the number of columns and rows speciy the apropriate numbers here:

number_of_cols="4" – number of columns

count_listing="4" – total number of listings that will be displayed in Latest Jobs block. This number is used by  the system to automatically calculate number of rows  ("items_count" number devided by "number_of_cols" number).

For example you want 2 columns of latest jobs and 12 latest jobs in total ( system will automatically show 6 rows)

{module name="classifieds" function="featured_listings" number_of_cols="3" items_count="21" listing_type="Job"}


Please note that even if you set items_count="12" but in Admin panel-> Listing Management-> Manage Listsings you have only 4 jobs, only 4 will be displayed in "Latest Jobs block.

Please note that CSS file might need modifications if you change number_of_cols data. For example, depending on the theme, you might need to increase or decrease the width and height of the backgound image used for the "Latest Jobs" block.

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