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Jobg8 plugin is provided by SmartJobBoard for easy integration with Jobg8 job aggregator and advanced usage of their “Buy Applications” and “Sell Applications” products.

Jobg8 is a unique network and job application marketplace. Jobg8 offers cutting edge opportunities for niche, regional and generalist boards. Our integration with Jobg8 allows our customers access to all of Jobg8's products and benefit from their advanced services. We are happy to support and assist you with this integration process and we are confident that Jobg8 will provide a unique opportunity for your site.

Jobg8 plugin is paid SmartJobBoard product. You can find additional information on it here.


Once the plugin is integrated with your job board you can use it to:

Buy Applications

If you have job postings that require additional applications, they can be sent to the Jobg8 network. We then syndicate the jobs to our relevant network members in order to acquire qualified applications on your behalf.

Sell Applications

Sell Applications product assists job boards with the significant challenge of having enough relevant job postings on their site to attract new job seekers and keep existing ones engaged.

You decide what type of jobs you want for your website. You can select by:

  • Industry
  • Location
  • Salary level
  • Keywords

Jobg8 will send you a quality backfill of job postings via an XML feed every 60 minutes, ensuring you receive quality, fresh jobs for your job seeking audience.

These jobs are displayed on your site with your own branding. Your job seekers apply online and are not directed away, but remain on your website. Jobg8 pays you each time a qualified application is made from your website.


How it works in SmartJobBoard

Once the plugin is integrated by SmartJobBoard you should set it up. For this you should go to Admin Panel > System Configuration > Plugins > JobG8IntegrationPlugin:


In order a plugin to be active you will need to enable a checkbox close to it and press 'Save' button as it is shown on the image above.


Then click on the 'Settings' buttons to see your Jobg8 settings.



When you access the settings for the first time there will be a button "Install". You need to click on it and the plugin will be installed automatically in a few seconds.

Setting Up

Once the plugin is installed you will see the following page:

Sell Applications

To make sure the field values of imported Jobg8 jobs match your job board field values you need to map these field values (for Category, Employment Type and Salary Type fields). Because in most cases your job board field values and Jobg8 fields values will be different.

You can click 'Mapping' button to do mapping:

Follow the mapping instructions to map the fields correctly. The main idea is:


  • In the left column you see the Jobg8 fields.


  • In the right column you see your job board fields. 


  • You should select your job board field that matches Jobg8 field the best way.


  • In case there is no match you may uncheck any Jobg8 value so jobs with these values would not be imported on your job board


  • In case you want to map Jobg8 field to another field on your job board just enter its ID and press "Change Field" button:


Please do not forget top do mapping for all three fields:


Once you have done mapping for one field do not forget to press 'Apply' or 'Save' button to save your changes.


Buy Applications


In case you have purchased the Buy Applications plugin you will see the following section on Jobg8 integration plugin settings page. This plugin is for exporting your job board jobs to Jobg8:

Your Jobboard ID for Buy Applications - enter your Jobboard ID given by Jobg8 to identify your account.

Your Jobboard ID for P4P - enter your P4P (pay for performance) ID so Jobg8 could track activities on your jobs.

Your Jobg8 Account - enter your Jobg8 account name.

Your Jobboard Password - enter your password given by Jobg8.

Jobg8 P4P URL - enter your P4P URL provided by Jobg8.

Jobg8 WSDL URL - enter your WSDL URL provided by Jobg8.


Buy Applications filters:

In case you need to distribute only selected jobs to Jobg8 you can set up necessary filters:


PLEASE NOTE: These filters operate separately, not together. If you do not check any of the options, all jobs will be sent with the Pay Per Posting model.
For example, if you enter Company 1 and select the product for Employers Product, this will send all jobs from Company 1 AND all jobs from any companies with this employer product to Jobg8.


There are three filter available for you:



Use this filter to distribute jobs only from selected companies:


Use this filter to distribute jobs posted by users having certain products:


Use this filter to distribute jobs with certain Categories:


Once you have finished setting up of 'Buy Applications' settings and filters do not forget to press 'Apply' or 'Save' to save your changes.


Now your plugin is all set up and ready to function. Please do not forget to liase with Jobg8 and SmartJobBoard to make sure your plugin is live.


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