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Use this page to manage invoices.

Invoice is generated every time user makes the payment on your site regardless of whether payment was received or not. You can view all invoices in admin panel>>billing>>invoices.

Invoices are also visible for your site visitors under my account>>my invoices.

Table with the list of invoices in admin panel consist of following columns:

Invoice# - sequence number generated by the system for each payment.

Customer Name- username invoice was generated for.

Date- day/month/year invoice was generated.

Payment Method- payment gateway selected to make the payment.

Total- total amount of the invoice.

Status- status of the payment ( paid/unpaid).

Please note that invoices for free products and products with 100% discount will be created as well.


To search for particular invoice/s use "Search form".

Following actions can be applied to particular or several selected invoices: mark paid, mark unpaid, delete.

Editing Invoice

To view invoice details and to edit invoice click on the underlined number under the "Invoice#" column:

"Edit Invoice" page will be opened:

Customer - username the invoice was created for. Click on the username to see more detailed information about the user.

Invoice Date- date invoice was generated. Use calendar to change the date if you are editing/creating invoice.

Invoice Status- status of the invoice. Select needed status from the drop down list if you are editing/creating.

Payment Method- payment gateway selected to make the payment. Select needed gateway from the drop down list if you are editing/creating.

Item- list of items the invoice was generated for: list of products and custom items.

      Qty- quantity of products/custom items.

      Price- price of products/custom item.

      Amount- total amount for the selected quantity of products/custom items.

Subtotal- subtotal price without taxes.

Tax ( if "Include Tax" checkbox is checked)- tax amount. See Tax Rules section of this manual for more information about taxes.

Total- total price with taxes.

Transactions- list of transactions (sent by payment gateway) related to the particular invoice.

Please find description of the actions that can be applied to each invoice from the "Edit Invoice" page bellow:

Sending Invoice to Customer

Click Send Invoice to Customer button to send generated invoice to the user.

User will be notified about the sent invoice via email. Template of the email can be found in admin pane>>layout and content>>other emails>>Invoice Email

Standard SmartJobBoard installation uses following email format:

              Dear {$user.First Name} {$user.LastName} {$user.ContactName},           

             Please be notified that an invoice has been generated for you on {$}.
             Invoice #: {$invoice.sid}
             Invoice Items:
             {foreach from=$invoice.items item=product}
             {$product.product}{if $product.show_qty} x {$product.qty}{/if} = {$product.amount}
          Sub Total: {$invoice.sub_total}
         Tax: {$invoice.tax_amount}
         Total: {$}
         To view and pay for the invoice please log-in.


For example:

Download PDF version

Click Download PDF version button from the "Edit Invoice" page to download generated invoice.

Template for the generated PDF can be found in admin panel>>layout and content>>system templates >>payment>>invoice_to_pdf.tpl

You can add your own information for "Send Payment To" section and set billing currency sign under Billing Settings.

Standard SmartJobBoard installation will generate PDF in following format:

Print Invoice

Click Print Invoice button from the "Edit Invoice" page to print generated invoice.

Once you click the button Print form will be opened in a new window/tab:

To edit the template of "Print Invoice" page go to admin panel>>layout and content>>system templates>>payment>>print_invoice.tpl

To add your own information for "Send Payment To" section and to set billing currency sign go to  Billing Settings.

Adding New Invoice

To add new invoice from admin panel go to admin panel>>billing>>invoices>> Create Invoice button

Once you click on the button above:

  1. choose user group ( job seekers/employers):

  2. choose username:

  3. fill in invoice details. You can find information about each field from the "Create Invoice" form in "Editing Invoice" section of this page.

Custom Items within the invoice.

You can add two types of items to the invoice: product or custom item using Item drop down list when editing/adding invoice.

To add custom item select Custom Item value from the Item's drop down list.

Once this value is selected additional fields will appear bellow, where you can type in custom name of your item, qty and price.

You can add as many custom items/products to your invoice as you wish.

Custom Item can be used for charging a user for any services other than job board products. For example this could be a Resume Writing Service or anything else outside the products.




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