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SmartJobBoard is a universal platform for creating various job board websites.

The software includes a built-in CMS, classifieds engine, template management system – this all allows you modifying the look and feel of your website, configuring and customizing the way software functions to your needs.
With a huge variety of features and options you can quickly develop your very unique and successful website.

This Manual contains detailed descriptions of general system conceptions, admin panel components, setting instructions and Tutorial tips.
We divided the Manual into several main sections which contain subsections – this will allow you finding the needed information quickly and easily.

  • Software Installation section - contains all necessary information and instructions for software installation / uprgade, making initial system configuration and clearing testing data;

  • How SmartJobBoard Software Works section - gives the general understanding of the way software components work and interrelate between each other;

  • Field Types Reference section - describes all types of fields existing in the system;

  • Permission Types Reference section - description of all existing Permission types which admin can use to define the way users will interact with the job board.

  • Admin Panel section - provides you with detailed explanations and instructions for each feature and setting.

  • Tutorial section - contains exact instructions and useful tips on software configuraton and customization.
Note: This User Manual should be used for 4.0 and higher versions of SmartJobBoard software.


Thank you for purchasing SmartJobBoard software. We hope that you will achieve great success!
We constantly work on improving our software and customers’ opinion is very important for us in this aspect.
Therefore your thoughts and suggestions are appreciated

SmartJobBoard team

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