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“Import Users” function allows you to easily add users to the database via Admin Panel. The importation can be done in CSV or Excel extension formats.
To get to “Import Users” page go to Admin Panel > Users > Import Users page. On the opened page you will see the following form:

  • Type - select the User Group importing users will belong to;
  • File– click on the “Browse” button to indicate the file containing users data you want to import;
  • File type - choose the format of the importing file (CSV or Excel);
  • Fields Delimiter– if you importing a CSV-file you need to choose a field delimiter (Comma or Tabulator);

You need to define column names in the imported file in accordance with SmartJobBoard fields IDs. For example, the 'Last Name' field has ID=LastName (with no space character), so you need to use LastName for the title of the corresponding column, etc.

Below there is an example of the imported file in Excel extension format on the picture:

After filling all the fields, click on the ‘Import’ button. Once the importation successfully completed you can see the imported users displayed on the Manage Users page and make the further actions with them if needed.

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  1. Anonymous

    There seems to be a limited of 1800 records per import on CSV or Excel format.