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Google+ Connect allows users registering and signing in to a job board easily using their Google+ account.

To see the way Google+ Connect works for users click here.


To get to the Google+ Connect settings go to Admin Panel  > System Configuration  > Social Media  > Google+.
On the opened page you will see the following form:

Client ID for Web Applications, Client Secret for Web Application, API Key for Browser Applications - please check the below instructions on getting these API credentials.

Select the User Group(s) that will be allowed to use Google+ login/registration. Use the "Control" key to choose two or more items.

Enable job sharing for users - enable this setting in case you want to allow users to post job on Google+ after a job is posted on your job board. This setting regulates whether a button allowing to post jobs on Google+ will be available for users after job posting on your job board.

Please note that posting to Social networks for users is also regulated by permissions of User Groups and Products. To allow all users to post jobs on Google+ you need to allow this permission in User Group permissions. In case you want to allow job posting on Google+ only for users who purchased a certain product you need to deny "Post Jobs on Social Networks" permission for a User Group and allow it for this certain product.

 Then press Apply or Save to save the settings.

Getting Google+ Credentials


For detailed information on Google OAuth2 please check OAuth2 documentation.

In order to get your Client ID for Web Applications, Client Secret for Web Applications and API Key for Browser Applications please register a project on:



Then go to "APIs & auth" section and find "Google+ API" and enable it.



Then go to Credentials section and press Create New Client ID to get the new key:




In the opened window select Web application and enter your website address and redirect URI which should be in the following format:


After you have created the new Client ID you will see your created Client ID for Web Application and Client Secret for Web Application that you need to insert in the appropriate fields in Admin Panel:



Then check below the Public API access section and press "Create new key" button to create your browser key:



In the opened window select Browser Key:


And in case you need to set up the referrers to the application - indicate the referrers (in general there is no need to indicate the referrers if you do not need this):



Press create button and you will get your API Key for Browser Applications that you need to enter in the appropriate field in Admin Panel.


In conclusion you need to enter all the acquired credentials in the Google Plus settings of the Admin Panel:


Once all the credentials are inserted press 'Apply' or 'Save' button.


Now your Google+ Connect is ready to function.



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