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Google Login feature allows users registering and logging in to your job board easily using their Google account.

Note: information about Google Login settings can be found here


To use the Google Login feature users need to click on the 'google' icon which is located at the top of all pages by default:


or click on the same icon on the registration page after choosing a desired user group:


After users click on the "Google Login" icon users will need to enter login details of their account on Google:


Users should approve the request and allow a new application using information from their google account, this action is done only once:


Then users need to press the "Allow" button and they will be redirected back to the job board to complete the registration:


After that the system will send a new account registration notification to a user's email with a username and generated password which users can further use to log in to the job board.

Or users can log in using the "google login" icon at the top of the job board pages or on the Sign In page:



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