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‘Geo’ type is a special type used for storing geographical (Zip Code) location data. Fields of this type store zip codes. Each location has its latitude and longitude that allows users making search within particular radius from their location.
By default on the front-end ‘geographical’ type fields are displayed as input boxes in input forms:


And displayed as input box with list of search radius and input box to enter a zip code in search forms:



Note: By default SmartJobBoard software includes US zip code database with latitude and longitude. Administrator can also add location for other countries using import data from file or add a new location features. Click here to read the instructions how to make that.

To edit a ‘geographical’ type field you need to click on the Edit icon opposite that particular field. E.g. to edit Zip Code field you need to go to Listing Configuration > Common Fields > Zip Code > "Edit" icon.

The following form will be opened where you can modify the field parameters and enter/select the default value to be set for this field:


To edit geographic data existing in the system, click on 'Edit Geographic Data' link located above the edit form:


You will be redirected to System Configuration / ZipCode Database. All available (ZipCode) geographical locations will be listed in a table.


On that page you can edit/delete existing geographical data, manually add new locations to the database or import data from .csv or .exl.

Note: In the Zip Codes Database section of the Manual you will find the detailed instructions for making all the actions mentioned above.
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