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This type of reports allows to generate general statistics reports of the website. All the general statistics data can be found here.

Generating General Statistics:


Generate Stats for the Period from – select a period for which you need to have statistic report.

Display by – select a time span you want your stats to display by. You can select between: Day, Month, Quarter and Year.

Then you can check what exact report(s) you would like to generate:

1)      ‘Popularity’ stats include:

  • Number of Website Views
  • Number of Job Views
  • Number of Resume Views

2)      ‘Users’ stats include:

  • Number of Job Seekers Registered
  • Number of Employers Registered
  • Number of Sub-Employers Registered
  • Number of Profiles Deleted

3)      ‘Listings’ stats include:

  • Number of Jobs Posted
  • Number of Featured Jobs Posted
  • Number of Priority Jobs Posted
  • Number of Resumes Posted
  • Number of Priority Resumes Posted
  • Number of Jobs Deleted
  • Number of Resumes Deleted

4)      ‘Applications’ stats include:

  • Number of Applications Made
  • Number of Applications Approved
  • Number of Applications Rejected

5)      ‘Alerts’ stats include:

  • Number of Job Alerts Subscribed for
  • Number of Resume Alerts Subscribed for
  • Number of Job Alerts Sent
  • Number of Resume Alerts Sent

6)      ‘Sales’ stats include:

  • Total Sales
  • Earnings from Job Seekers
  • Earnings from Employers
  • Promotion Discount

7)      ‘Plugins’ stats include:

  • Number of Mobile Version Views
  • Users registered through LinkedIn
  • Users registered through Facebook
  • Users registered through Google
  • Number of Redirects to Partnering Sites


If a plugin is disabled in the Admin Panel or you do not have it installed – the stats for this plugin would be disabled.

After you have set up all the parameters press ‘Generate’ button and all the necessary General Statistics reports would be generated:


Generating Graphs for General Statistics:

Once the General Statistics report is generated on the left side of the table you will see a ‘Graph’ column where you would be able to select several reports to be generated in one graph.


The graph will appear in a pop-up window so you would be able to see the stats on a chart:

Export of stats in CSV/XLS and Printing:

All the reports can be exported in CSV/XLS file. On the bottom of the stats page select the necessary format and press ‘Export’:

Then save the file where you need.


For printing press the Print button in the bottom of a report and it will appear in a new window in a printer friendly version.




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