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The software front-end is represented by a set number of pages each having its own specific purpose and functionality.

Note: If needed you can add more pages to the front-end via software Admin Panel. Visit the “Site Pages” section of the Manual to find the instructions how to make that.

All site pages have their own unique URIs assigned to them. Even each listing page has its own unique URI assigned to it.
Depending on a page being displayed for a user at the moment the system calls up and displays from the database the appropriate combination of default settings, administrator settings, and different modules.

Below you can see the basic front-end pages and templates used for them. Templates are marked out with red color, their name and locations is specified on the pictures as well.


Note: To find more information about the way templates system works within the software - see the "Templates" section.

And to get the instructions how to modify the Templates, read the "System Templates" section of the Manual.



(also called Main page) is the start page of the site.


Registration page

In the very beginning of the registration process users are asked to select one of the existing User Groups (e.g. "Employer" or "Job Seeker" User Group).
After that users are redirected to the page where they need to fill in Employer / Job Seeker Registration Form.
On the picture below you can see Job Seeker Registration form:


My Account Employer

Each registered user gets access to "My Account" page. "My Account" contains menus specific for each User Group.


My Account Job Seeker


My Profile

On this page Users can edit their personal details, contact information and company description which they specified when registered on the site.
Also in My Profile users can change the password if needed.

Note: Username can't be changed by users.


My Jobs / Resumes

On this page users can review and manage jobs/resumes they created on the site:


Job / Resume alerts

Using this menu, users can create job/resume alerts setting the desired criteria for them:



On this page users can see their current Products:


Applications Employer

Using "My Applications" menu, and Employer can review and manage applications sent by Job Seekers for a certain Job this Employer posted.
Also Employer can send private messages to Job Seekers who applied for his jobs and view Resumes attached<span style="background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);">.</span>

Applications Job Seeker

Using "My Applications" menu, Job Seekers can review the applications they sent, see applications status, delete needless applications and send private messages to Employers.


Find Jobs


Search Resumes


Job / Resume Search Results


Post Job


Job / Resume Details page



Using the Contact form, users can send an email to the job-board site administrator.


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