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Flag Listing function

Thanks to the Flag fuctnion site users can assist administrator in site moderation, flagging postings that contain spam, misrepresentation, outdated information, etc.

On the Job / Resume details page there is "Flag this Job/Resume" link. If a user clicks on this link, there will be the "Flag Job/Resume" dialog box opened:


There a user needs to select a Flag Type (reason why this posting is flagged). Also a user is allowed to add comments if wanted.
Pressing the "Save" button, this Job/Resume will be flagged.

Then on the "Postings" section Of the Dashboard administrator will see if there are any listings flagged. System will display number of flagged Jobs and Resumes:

Clicking on one of the <u>Flagged:  </u>  links you will be redirected to the Listing Management -> Flagged Listings page where you will see these flagged listings details displayed in the tabular format.

Flagged Listings Page

On the top of the Flagged Listings page in the Admin Panel you can see the "Filter by" form.
You can use this form to specify the following criteria for the flagged listings to be displayed for you: Listing Type, Title, Listing Owner (username of the user posted a certain listing) and Flag.
Or you can select "All" for 'Listing Type' and 'Flag' and leave 'Title' and 'Listing Owner' fields empty to get all existing flagged listings displayed.

Once you selected the desired criteria - press the "Filter" button.
The system will display the flagged listings (meeting the criteria you set) on the same page in the tabular format:


You can sort the displayed results in ascending and descending order clicking on a title of a certain column.

Also you can see that there are the following actions you can make with the flagged listings:

  • Remove Flag;
  • Deactivate Listings;
  • Delete Listings.

First you need to select the lsiting(s) and then press on one of the action buttons listed above.

Remove Flag

This action means that the selected particular flag(s) will be removed from certain listing(s).
E.g. if one listing was flagged by 3 different users  - then in order to completely remove all flags from this listing you will need to select all 3 flags in the table and press the Remove Flag button, like shown below:

Deactivate Listings

Using this action you can deativate certain listings. Deactivated by administrator listings will be not available/visible for site users, but not deleted from the system.
Owner of the deactivated listing is able to review and edit this listing, as well as activate it again, unless a listing is expired.

If a certain listing has several flags it is still enough to select it only once in the table in order to Deactivate:


If further you need to activate a certain listing you can do that in the  "Manage Resumes" section of the Admin Panel.

Delete Listing

This action allows deleting needless listings from the system completely.
Likewise described above for deactivating listings - if a certain lising was flagged several times - it is enough to select it only once in the table in order to delete.

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